Top 7 Brands That Manufacture Snowmobile Jackets

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Are you tired of having to deal with inconveniences posed by snowmobile monosuits? Is it not too cold to even wear a snowmobile overall? Do you think only a snowmobile jacket can protect you from the cold? Are you looking for a good snowmobile jacket?

Well, don’t you worry. In this article, I have listed the top 7 brands that manufacture snowmobile jackets.

Best Brands for Buying Snowmobile Jackets


Klim snowmobile jackets
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Klim snowmobile jackets are known for their lightweight and comfort. Its features include a 3M Scotchlite Carbon black reflective, Tether D ring, double-headed front zipper, and elaborate mesh of vents at 4 places in the jacket. The jacket is filled with pockets that make it great for storage.

This brand lies in the pricier range and those looking for short-term wear or are looking for cheaper options for snowmobile jackets can opt for a more budget-friendly brand on this list. Check out Joe Rocket and Polaris for more affordable options on this list.

My first Klim jacket cost me a pretty penny but the fitting of the jacket is top-notch with its moisture-wicking liner, adjustable bottom hem, cuffs, top collar (to prevent chilling at the back of the neck), powder snow skirt, and removable shoulder pads.

Considering the specialization and details of the jacket and my frequency of using it, I’d say the price is worth it. So, if you want the best snowmobile jackets, then go for the Klim, but wash these jackets properly because they can get ruined easily.


509 snowmobile jackets
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The 509 Snowmobile jacket is known for its insulation that keeps the rider warm in even the coldest of weather. This jacket features Thinsulate insulation of 200gm in the body and 159 gm in the arms. Its unique feature is the soft fleece yoke around your neck that provides warmth, prevents snow from melting on the shoulders, and also prevents internal condensation from a cold outside layer.

My wife had a MOERDENG that kept up for a season but after she got her 509 jackets, the difference has been astounding. We are able to be out in the snow comfortably for a longer period of time and the durability of the jacket has been great. The pricing of these jackets are on the opposite ends, with Moerdeng being cheaper and 509 expensive, but the quality difference is apparent.

The zipper on the 509 is waterproof and there are internal pockets in the jacket. Along with a snow skirt to make the jacket waterproof and windproof, it also features reflective piping. These jackets are well-designed and made with the intended purpose of snowmobiling.

Castle X

castle x snowmobile jackets
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The jackets manufactured at Castle X are mostly known for their polyester lining that is ultra tough and even combined with a cold shield that serves as insulation. High-quality materials like the VenTex 1.0 windproof, waterproof, and breathable material are used for the shell coating. The jacket has a durable water-resistant outer surface treatment that repels moisture.

It also has double-stitched seams that give holds. It had a unique feature of Ventec zippers underarm vents with snow blocker mesh.

Castle X, in my opinion, stands as a great alternative to the above brands for those serious about snowmobiling and want to invest in a good, durable snowmobile jacket.


fxr snowmobile jackets
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FXR snowmobile jacket has an impeccable variety of shells that is 290g polyester trilaminate Omni stretch shell. It is waterproof as well as windproof. The liner of the jacket is an FXR Thermal dry active liner that is removable for better convenience. The jacket has a side vent system that is snowproof and moisture-repellant. 

The hood is removable and adjustable as per your wish. Also featuring a shock cord adjustable bottom hem, one can see the thought and quality put into these jackets.


polaris snowmobile jackets
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The Polaris snowmobile jacket has 300d polyester in the outer fabric that prevents snagging and pulling. It features 3M insulation. My Polaris jacket, while cheaper than the Klim, offers similar basic features and great specs at a lower price.

If you are looking for a proper snowmobile jacket that is mid-range, Polaris is a good starting point. It features waist-high snow gaiters that keep out snow and cold and keep you warm overall. The coating is of durable water repellents to keep you amply dry.

Joe Rocket

joe rocket snowmobile jackets
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Joe Rocket manufactures snowmobile jackets with a waterproof shell coated by cat eye PU. It has insulation of 200gm on the body and around 140gm in the sleeves to keep you warm enough. It is lined with polyester 2101 taffeta.

It has around 2-3 pockets at convenient places. Joe Rocket also stands at a more affordable price with a great choice of style, colors, and features.

Fly Racing

fly racing snowmobile jackets
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Fly Racing manufactures jackets whose uniqueness lies in the Hydraguard-lined weatherproof tech that is used in the jacket. Even the seams are sealed to prevent moisture leakage. Features 450D abrasion-resistant polyester shell. It also comes with 140g of insulation.

It offers great design and details like the reflective panels that are rated for high visibility, the powder snow skirt with a powerful silicon grip, and a detachable Goggle wipe bringing up the quality and value of this brand.

Final Words

For choosing the right kind of snowmobile jacket that can meet your requirements you need the features supported by them. Thus from this article, I hope you got a clear idea of the best snowmobile jacket brands out there and what features they exhibit.

My journey with the purchase of snowmobile jackets has also been an ascending one, while I first started off with a brand I could afford at that time, I’ve slowly gotten a grasp of the great features some brands offer and how it works for me as a snowmobiler. Thus, with some experience, I have found a good jacket that has all my requirements and at a price I am now comfortable with.

I hope you find yours too.

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