5 Best Snowmobile Jackets in 2024

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Wearing a good snowmobile jacket makes your snowmobile rides fun and very comfortable. The market is filled with options and choosing the best snowmobile jackets for you can sometimes get confusing.

Do you choose by the price or by the popularity of a jacket? If we talk about popularity, then Klim snowmobile jackets make it to the popular list. So, does that mean, Klim manufacturers make the warmest snowmobile jackets?

Well, the best snowmobile jacket does not have to be the most expensive one or the most popular either. I have listed 9 of the best snowmobile jackets for both men and women to help narrow the search down.

Let’s find out in this article.

Best Snowmobile Jackets in 2023

KLIM Rift Jacket

If you prefer snowmobiling near bodies of water or are surrounded by it as I do, you will need a snowmobile jacket that’s a step further than regular ones. The stand-out feature on this jacket is the Ascent Float System which can very much save your life someday.

I would say this is the best jacket out there in the snowmobile gear market today. Not only do I feel safe when riding around the lake, but it’s honestly comfortable and warm even in the negative degrees.

The Ascent Float System is flexible and breathable such that the floatation does not compromise mobility or comfort in the least. This foam also adds significant insulation to the already high standard of Klim insulation

The Rift jacket’s outer core is really durable and can stand up against rougher rides and being scratched by branches and trees and its Gore-Tex shell construction makes this one of the best waterproofed and windproofed jackets for snowmobiling. I’ve had my jacket for 2 seasons now and I’m yet to see any scratching on the surface.

These are the perfect jackets for when I want to go out snowmobiling with my friends as we usually go off trail and on harder terrains and near water bodies. An added bonus is the 3M Scotchlite reflective materials for when we ride out in low light or lowered visibility.

The jacket has a little more thickness and weight to it so take note if you plan on using it as a trail jacket. I wear an M size, and I’d advise you to get your size with this one. These jackets also cost a pretty penny but with a high-tech item like this one, I guess it is to be expected.


  • Safety water floatation feature
  • Great insulation
  • Breathable and comfortable for long-term wear
  • Durable, waterproof, and weatherproof outer layer


  • Can get too warm in case worn in warmer areas
  • Slightly thicker and heavier than some jackets
  • Expensive

KLIM Keweenaw Jacket

KLIM offers the newly rebuilt Keweenaw jacket to bring you the warmest, most versatile, and most durable snowmobile jacket yet on the market. The second Klim on our list, this is also one of the best Klim snowmobile jackets.

The 3-in-1 jacket now incorporates a fleece removable vest that you can wear alone casually or with the jacket for maximum warmth. It comes with many pockets and adjustable features to customize the jacket’s fit according to your preferences.

Like most Klim jackets, it is made with Gore-Tex performance shells to be waterproof and windproof while being breathable. The nylon construction comes as one of the best things about this jacket making it durable against the wear and tear of daily snowmobiling and age.

The Keweenaw jacket has some of the sleekest looks along with attractive color choices. If you are serious about snowmobiling and want to invest in a jacket but you don’t need water floatation, this is the best option for you.


  • Adjustable amount of insulation with a removable layer
  • Gore-Tex technology for durability, windproofing, and waterproofing
  • Good amount and properly placed pockets
  • 3m Scotchlite Reflective material


  • Slightly pricey
  • A lesser amount of ventilation

Castle X Platform Jacket

Castle X is one of the top brands that manufacture snowmobile jackets. If you prefer snowmobiling in extremely cold weather and need a warm snowmobile jacket to combat the harsh weather, then the Castle X Platform jacket will cater to all your snowmobiling needs.

The jacket is made with tough polyester and nylon shell armed with fixed Castle ColdShield quilted insulation for utmost fabric durability and warmth for the rider. It also has water-resistant PU-coated shell materials and DWR coatings.

Since the Platform jacket only features water-resistant coatings, the waterproofing of the jacket is not the very best and leaves room to be wanted. This jacket could be for you if you are not looking to ride anywhere too cold or when it’s out snowing.

This is also pocket-friendly for the occasional riders who don’t want to spend a ton on a jacket they will never really wear.


  • Warm and Comfortable
  • Windproof and waterproof
  • Ample size option
  • Affordable


  • Not advisable for extreme cold weather
  • Less amount of pockets
  • Lack of drawstrings to keep out cold

509 R-200 Insulated Jacket

The versatile, do-it-all snowmobile jacket 509 R-200 Insulated jacket is perfect for cold weather snowmobiling as well as for warmer spring days ahead of you.

I think, there is no need to purchase two sets of gear for your different snowmobile rides, the R-200 got you covered. My wife, Emma has this jacket and she wears it for our trail rides even when it gets warmer while I have to change my jacket to a less insulated one.

The key feature responsible for its versatility is the removable 200-gram Thinsulate liner hidden inside a weatherproof 5TECH shell jacket. It also comes with a removable hood. Wear it in cold weather snowmobiling and remove it on warmer days in a snap.

However, few have complained about the sizing and fit of the jacket. They noticed that it is a little too large than their expectations or the arms are a little small and don’t fit as nicely as the rest of the body.


  • Great insulation and waterproof
  • Durable and adjustable
  • Great ventilation


  • Tends to run large

KLIM Alpine Jacket

The redesigned Alpine jacket promises to be the most technically advanced women’s snowmobile jacket with its new and improved comfort and mobility features to give you full confidence in the snow.

It has a Gore-Tex performance shell to keep you dry and protected from snow, water, and wind while delivering maximum durability and breathability.

This construction keeps any moisture out and quickly absorbs sweat inside for added warmth and comfort during high-intensity snowmobile rides.

The KLIM layering system eliminates any overlays to reduce bulkiness and weight for a more relaxed and less strain fit and feel during long hours of snowmobiling.

Due to the women snowmobile riders’ feedback, the Alpine jacket now incorporates a removable and adjustable hood for added protection against snow and water on the upper section making it suitable for high-speed snowmobile riders. Because of this, it is now considered one of the best women’s snowmobile jackets.

I think the design and color options are very attractive however, it doesn’t provide that much storage and pockets.


  • Dry warm and comfortable
  • Durable and weatherproof
  • Lit weight and great fit
  • Removable hood for high-intensity rides


  • Less amount of pockets

How to Choose Snowmobile Jackets

Insulated and Non-Insulated Jackets

When it comes to choosing between insulated and non-insulated snowmobile jackets, it really depends on what kind of ride you’re planning. If you’re going for a long, adventurous ride in the middle of the winter, when the temperature is extremely low, you may want to go with an insulated jacket. These jackets have an extra layer of insulation that keeps you warm even in the harshest conditions. However, if you’re planning to ride in the late winter or early spring, when the temperature is not that low, then a non-insulated jacket would be a better choice. These jackets are lightweight and provide you with more mobility. They’re breathable and can keep you dry without making you feel overheated. But remember, even if you’re wearing a non-insulated jacket, layering is key. It’s a good idea to wear a good quality thermal layer underneath to keep you warm.


Speaking about ventilation in snowmobile jackets, it’s a feature you can’t afford to ignore. Now, you may be wondering, why ventilation is so important, especially in the middle of winter when the temperature is freezing. The answer is, that when you’re riding your snowmobile, your body generates heat, and without proper ventilation, you might feel a bit stuffy and overheated inside your jacket. This can make you uncomfortable, and believe me, you wouldn’t want to feel that way, especially on a long ride.

On the other hand, jackets with a good ventilation system allow you to control the airflow according to your needs. When you’re feeling warm, you can open the vents to let the cool air in, and when you start to feel cold, you can close them. So, when you’re looking for a snowmobile jacket, make sure it has a good ventilation system. This can make a big difference in your riding experience.

In our journey of finding the best snowmobile jackets, we found that FXR and Klim jackets are top-notch when it comes to ventilation. They offer a well-designed ventilation system that lets you control the airflow according to your needs. But, there’s a catch. These jackets are quite expensive and might put a strain on your wallet. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something that offers good value for your money, you might want to check out the jackets from Fly Racing. They also manufacture good stuff. Now, their jackets might not be as advanced as FXR or Klim jackets, but they do a pretty good job at a lower price.


Speaking of prices, you know, Klim makes really good snowmobile jackets. But, there’s a catch. They are the highest priced in the market. FXR jackets are also excellent, but they too, are not exactly cheap. My friend once bought a Klim jacket for about $500. He told me it was worth every penny but also mentioned that not everyone has to, or can afford to, spend that kind of money on a snowmobile jacket.

Now, if you’re on a budget, you can check out other brands like 509, Fly Racing, or Castle X. These brands also make great jackets, and the best part is that you can get one for about $200 to $300. So, you see, you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune on a snowmobile jacket. There are plenty of options available at different price points. Choose what suits your budget and needs.

If you purchase an expensive jacket, then you should also learn how to wash your snowmobile jacket because cleaning it in the wrong way can ruin your jacket.


Our exploration of snowmobile jackets led us to some interesting discoveries. The FXR and Klim jackets proved to be the best in terms of features, design, and ventilation, albeit with a higher price tag. The jackets from Fly Racing, 509, and Castle X, on the other hand, offer commendable quality at a more budget-friendly price. Now, my wife has been eyeing a Klim jacket for quite some time, seeing them as ‘the best of the best’. But, like many, we find them to be a bit out of our budget. So, while Klim jackets might be the best if you can afford them, there’s no shortage of excellent alternatives available in the market. Ultimately, the best choice for you will depend on your personal preferences, riding needs, and budget.

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