7 Best Snowmobile Jackets for a Comfortable Ride in 2023

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Wearing a warm snowmobile jacket makes your snowmobile ride fun and very comfortable.

But, wait, do you know the best snowmobile jacket for trail riding?

If we talk about popularity, then Klim snowmobile jackets make it to the popular list. So, does that mean, Klim manufacturers make the warmest snowmobile jackets?

Let’s find out in this article.

best value for money – men’s

Castle X Men’s Platform Jacket

best value for money – women’s

Castle X Women’s Phase Jacket

warmest jacket – men’s

KLIM Klimate Snowmobile Jacket

warmest jacket – women’s

KLIM Spark snowmobile jacket

most stylish – men’s

FXR Octane Jacket

most stylish – women’s

FXR Women’s Pulse Jacket

most stylish – men’s

FXR Octane Jacket

Best Snowmobile Jackets in 2023

KLIM Rift Jacket

If you prefer snowmobiling near bodies of water or are surrounded by it as I do, you will need a snowmobile jacket that’s a step further than regular ones.

The Rift jacket is designed with enhanced protection against cold temperatures plus floatation assistance perfect to keep you afloat in the water while providing extreme warmth in extremely cold weather.

The Ascent Float System is a flexible, breathable closed-cell foam integrated with specially mapped channels that offer floatation benefits without compromising mobility and comfort.

AFS foam doesn’t absorb water and provides significant insulating properties for warmth on top of the standard insulation.

The Rift jacket has a Gore-Tex shell construction guarantees to be durably waterproof and 100% windproof, and to be highly breathable during your snowmobile rides.

This snowmobile jacket is also designed to work in a way that doesn’t need extra floatation bibs for more convenience and comfort.

It features a 3M Thinsulate insulation with 180 grams on the body, 100 grams on the collar, and an added 60 grams on the floatation foam. This insulation system helps to hold in the heat and exhaust the cold out to keep you warm on your coldest snowmobile rides.

The jacket is made with 3M Scotchlite reflective materials and Biomotion recognition for protection during low light or nighttime snowmobiling. And I have been using jackets made of 3M’s materials and trust me they are outstanding!

The Rift jacket is available in four different colors and comes in sizes XS and 3XL. The jacket has a little more thickness and weight to it so take note of it if you plan on using it as a trail jacket. I wear an M size, you can choose your preferred size

It is also available on Revzilla.com, and Scheels.com.

KLIM Keweenaw Jacket

KLIM offers the newly rebuilt Keweenaw jacket to bring you the warmest, most versatile, and most durable snowmobile jacket yet on the market. This is one of the best Klim snowmobile jackets.

It is purposely designed to adapt to extreme conditions while offering better safety when snowmobiling near lakes and other bodies of water.

The 3-in-1 jacket now incorporates a fleece removable vest that you can wear alone casually or with the jacket for maximum warmth. It also has many pockets and adjustable features to customize the fit of the jacket according to your preferences.

The 3M Thinsulate insulation provides heat in the body and sleeves with 200 grams of insulation, and an added 200 grams on the collar to ensure maximum warmth while snowmobiling. The overall 400 grams of insulation makes it appropriate to use even in sub-zero temperatures.

It is made with a Gore-Tex performance shell that guarantees to be waterproof and windproof while providing excellent breathability. The nylon construction provides maximum durability. I think it’s a great addition.

It features 3m Scotchlite reflective material and Biomotion recognition which provides high visibility for trail safety while snowmobiling at low light or night.

The Keweenaw jacket has attractive color choices and designs to choose from. It is available in five colors and sizes SM to 3XL. However, it offers a less ventilation system with only two pit vents and one back vent.

It is also available on Revzilla.com and Scheels.com.

Castle X Platform Jacket

If you prefer snowmobiling in extremely cold weather and need a warm snowmobile jacket to combat the harsh weather, then the Castle X Platform jacket will cater to all your snowmobiling needs. Castle X is one of the top brands that manufacture snowmobile jackets.

The jacket is made with tough polyester and nylon shell armed with fixed Castle ColdShield quilted insulation of 200 grams in the body and 150 grams on the sleeves to keep you warm while snowmobiling. It also has water-resistant PU-coated shell materials and DWR coatings.

It has 3M Scotchlite reflective materials, an insulated fleece-lined collar, and Velcro adjustable fleece-lined cuffs.

It comes in SM to 4XL sizes. And I think they did a great job as they added so many sizes!

Since the Platform jacket only features water-resistant coatings, some wished that the waterproofing of the jacket can be improved because they get wet easily with this jacket while snowmobiling.

FXR Octane Jacket

The Octane jacket by FXR is geared towards more cold weather snowmobiling. Not only that, if you ride near any type of water or are surrounded by bodies of water, then this jacket is one of the best jackets for snowmobiling in the market. It highlights many features that will solve all your snowmobiling problems.

The shell is made with durable nylon with HydrX coating with mesh fleece liner and also features an FXR Dry Vent system. These features keep the jacket durable, snowproof, and moisture-resistant while providing ample side-body ventilation.

The 260 grams combined F.A.S.T./FXR Thermal Flex insulation keeps you warm while snowmobiling. I can imagine how great of an addition this is!

FXR features their exclusive single-layer HydrX moisture shield laminate and the warmth retention and buoyancy assistance of their F.A.S.T. floatation membrane as their safety system to give you protection and great performance in cold weather.

The design of the flotation assistance is undetectable and lightweight giving you comfort without compromising your safety.

It also features 360˚ 3M Scotchlite reflective materials for low light and night-time snowmobiling.

Other features include an adjustable collar and bottom hem, a cold stop front placket with a magnetic/snap closure system, and adjustable cuffs with lycra inner cuff extensions.

The jacket is available in SM to 3XL sizes.

However, a few people noted that the jacket is not warm enough and needs more layering underneath but they also noticed that the jacket is spacious enough to do so. So, I am a little bit concerned about this.

It is also available on Revzilla.com and Walmart.com.

509 R-200 Insulated Jacket

The versatile, do-it-all snowmobile jacket 509 R-200 Insulated jacket is perfect for cold weather snowmobiling as well as for warmer spring days ahead of you.

I think, there is no need to purchase two sets of gear for your different snowmobile rides, R-200 got you covered.

The key feature responsible for its versatility is the removable 200 grams Thinsulate insulated liner hidden inside a weatherproof 5TECH shell jacket.

It also comes with a removable hood. Wear it in cold weather snowmobiling and remove it on warmer days in a snap.

It has a 300D Cordura HP polyester face fabric and a pro-articulated fit for durability and comfort.

509 installed front intake vents, and rear exhaust vents for further ventilation and comfort.

The jacket is available in XS to 3XL sizes. However, few have complained about the sizing and fit of the jacket. They noticed that it is a little too large than their expectations or the arms are a little small and don’t fit as nicely as the rest of the body.

KLIM Alpine Jacket

The redesigned Alpine jacket promises to be the most technically advanced women’s snowmobile jacket with its new and improved comfort and mobility features to give you full confidence in the snow.

It has a Gore-Tex performance shell that guarantees to keep you dry and protected from snow, water, and wind while delivering maximum durability and breathability.

This construction keeps any moisture and winds out while quickly absorbing any sweat and moisture inside for added warmth and comfort during high-intensity snowmobile rides.

The KLIM layering system eliminates any overlays to reduce bulkiness and weight for a more relaxed and less strain fit and feel during long hours of snowmobiling.

Due to the women snowmobile riders’ feedback, the Alpine jacket now incorporates a removable and adjustable hood for added protection against snow and water on the head and making it suitable for high-speed snowmobile riders. Because of this, it is now considered one of the best women’s snowmobile jackets. I can imagine how helpful this would be!

It is available in four vibrant colors and comes in sizes XS to 2XL. I think the design and color options are very attractive however, it doesn’t provide that much storage and pockets.

KLIM Strata Jacket

The Strata jacket is based on the legendary Keweenaw jacket with a more tailored fit and increased insulation perfect for women snowmobile riders. It has the same premium features with a few customized features to cater to women’s needs in the snow.

The 3-in-1 jacket includes a removable insulated fleece liner which can be worn alone or with the jacket during extremely cold weather. Like the Keweenaw, the Strata is loaded with many pockets and adjustable features on the collar, wrist, and cuffs for a customizable and solid fit.

The Strata jacket has a 3M Thinsulate insulation with 250 grams on the body, 200 grams on the sleeve, and 100 grams on the collar. If I have to buy this, the lightweight factor will definitely be the one feature to make me go for this!

This insulation system is built with an increased amount for women snowmobile riders to ensure maximum warmth and protection when snowmobiling even at sub-zero temperatures.

It has a Gore-Tex shell construction and durable nylon fabric that guarantees to provide 100% windproof and durable waterproofing while snowmobiling.

This jacket keeps water, snow, and wind out while offering extreme breathability for quick moisture absorption to keep you warm and comfortable.

It also features 3M Scotchlite reflective material and Biomotion recognition to give you visibility when snowmobiling in low-light areas or at night for protection.

The Strata jacket is available in sizes XS to 2XL and comes in four color options and red is the color that I would go for. The design and color placement of the jacket has less visibility even when compared to the Keweenaw. It also offers only two pit vents and one back vent like the Keweenaw.

It is also available on Revzilla.com and Scheels.com.

Things to Consider Before Buying Snowmobile Jackets

Insulated or non-insulated

Insulated snowmobile jackets provide an extra layer of protection from cold weather and icy winds, as compared to non-insulated jackets.

Insulated jackets are designed with a synthetic or down filling that helps to trap body heat and keep you warm in cold temperatures, while non-insulated jackets do not offer the same level of insulation.

Insulated jackets are a great investment for avid snowmobilers, as they offer an extra layer of warmth and protection during your winter adventures. Whether you’re riding up the trails or taking a leisurely ride on the lake, an insulated snowmobile jacket will keep you comfortable in cold temperatures.

Be sure of the kind of activity you are going to partake in, and what level of intensity are you looking for or signing up for.

If you are going snowmobile riding in places where the climate is not as harsh and the level of activity is not as high as in some places, then the jackets need to be insulated for maintaining warmth.

In places where the level of activity is high and the climatic conditions are not harsh and extreme, it is better to go for non-insulated jackets as it might cause overheating otherwise.


Hangtags might sound like an ordinary thing to be concerned about but the truth is hangtags help to choose better.

Most often you would see a hangtag attached to a piece of clothing, the more hangtags your snowmobile jacket has the more materials of better quality went into building your jacket.

Hangtags distinguish quality products from generic products that are manufactured by brands like Polaris, Ski-doo, Castle, etc.

Durable shell

Make sure while buying a snowmobile jacket, the shell is of durable material, preferably nylon. It should be resistant to any damage that could be caused due to climatic conditions.

The durability should be on par with the intensity of snowfall or wind velocity. The shell should protect the rider from the extremely cold wind that blows right across the rider on the trail


Breathability is another important factor that makes snowmobile clothing stand out from normal clothing. A snowmobile jacket made of a breathable material should wick away any sweat or moisture that might cause discomfort for the rider.

The material should be of top quality, water-resistant, and PU-coated to keep your body dry. It should be resistant to snow or rain and protect you from being soaked in moisture. Thus, a well-ventilated jacket is a godsend.

Reflective Material

Many snowmobiling mishaps take place when snowmobile riders collide with each other or a fellow snowmobile rider is hit by another.

During sundown when the light eventually fades out, the poor light may make anyone struggle with a proper field of vision.

This is when reflective material comes into the scene, a reflective material-made jacket will easily be visible to other fellow riders thus preventing any mishaps that occurred due to unknowingly hitting one another while riding.

Proper fitting

One must certainly pay attention to the fitting of the jacket. A proper snug is very important as you would not want to keep busy adjusting your jacket while riding your snowmobile.

Always be well acquainted with the size of clothing you wear. Then go for the jackets with various sizes available to choose from to find the perfect jacket that fits you.

Also, keep in mind the fact that you might want to wear something warm underneath the jacket, therefore, it is only wise to buy a size larger than what you usually wear.


The more the better! There is no such thing as too many pockets. A pocket always comes in handy, especially if you are boondocking.

You never know what you need to fill your pockets with or if you already have your pockets filled when you flagged off then it is only better as you do not have to carry small fanny packs or other storage bags as your jacket pockets will hold up half your small miscellaneous items, maybe like a small torch or a chapstick.

Pockets in the front can also help you keep your hands warm. Zippered chest pockets can keep your belongings safe and in place.

Having multiple pockets in your snowmobile jacket is very important because you can store many things in your jacket like your snowmobile GPS kit, snowmobile walkie-talkies, and much more.

Velcro wrist adjuster

Most often it so happens that you try hard to keep your body warm but the sneaky cold wind enters your body through the slightest gap between your jacket and skin through the wrist cuffs if it is not well secured.

Velcro wrist adjusters help in securing the wrist lining of the jacket according to your comfortable measure and help you cheat the wind with ease. You can also opt to wear as many layers of clothes underneath as you want without having to worry about the size of the handcuff.

High collar

A high neck collar provides ample protection against the harsh cold wind and snow around the neck area. It makes extra sure that the rider is safely tucked in, in a fully covered jacket to combat the weather.

Also, a velcro adjustable collar neck provides the perfect fit according to your preferred size.


The jacket must not feel heavy as it must aid in moving around easily and not make the rider feel bogged down with the weight of the jacket.

It must not weigh so much since anything else underneath makes it even heavier. It must always be light enough to let the rider wear multiple layers of clothes underneath.

Fleece line

Generally, some jackets have fleece line covered parts and some have the entire inside of the jacket covered with fleece line. This helps to keep the wearer warm and saves him from wearing multiple layers underneath. It gives a cozy feeling and makes a soft undercoat.

Gender appropriate

The most important thing to keep in mind is that jackets designed for men are different from that for women. Men’s jackets are generally larger than women’s jackets in all aspects from length to width to the overall fit.

Final words

Snowmobile jackets are an excellent choice of outerwear for those who want to stay warm and dry while enjoying the outdoors in cold weather.

With a variety of materials available, from lightweight polyester and nylon to heavier fabrics like Gore-Tex, you can find the perfect snowmobile jacket that will keep you comfortable no matter what activities you engage in during your winter adventures.

So don’t let the chill keep you indoors this season – go ahead, and hit the trails with confidence knowing that your snowmobile jacket is ready for whatever mother nature throws your way!

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