Snowmobile Lever Lift vs. Jack Stands: A Simple Comparison

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With the upcoming winter months, many of us sledding enthusiasts are concerned about our precious sleds.

Especially with sudden storms and unpredictable weather conditions, keeping our snowmobiles outside on the ground is becoming more and more unsafe.

As a result, the need for proper snowmobile storage is crucial. This article discusses the difference between snowmobile lifts and snowmobile jack stands and what you might require.

snowmobile lift vs. jack

Difference Between Snowmobile Lever Lift And Jack Stand

Snowmobile Lever Lift

Snowmobile lever lifts are equipment that helps in storing and maintaining your sleds.

They generally look like standing poles on a sturdy base with an inclined rod that can be hooked at the rear or front of your snowmobile.

After sliding it under the sled and catching it, you can adjust the height and raise it by pushing on the lift arm. 

Snowmobile Jack Stand

This, too, is used for storing your sled safely. Jack Stands offer better stability and protection to your sleds than the lifts. The reason is their structure.

They have a more extensive base, offering more stability to the sled at rest.

Jack stands usually come with a pulley system. So that reduces the amount of manual effort required to lift up your sled.

Often Jack Stands for sleds come with wheels underneath to help ease the stored snowmobile’s mobility. 

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When To Use a Snowmobile Lift and Snowmobile Jack Stand?

While there is no particular occasion that you can use the snowmobile stands. Because both are used for snowmobile storing and keeping your sleds safe.

But the lever lift does not lift up the entire snowmobile. So if the ground on which you keep your sled in harsh environments daily subjected to snowy puddles, then lever lifts are not for you.

In that case, you might opt for snowmobile jack stands because this equipment keeps the sleds safe, away from the ground above it on a sturdy base.

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