Best Snowmobile Lifts in 2021: Tested by Snowmobilers

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Best Snowmobile Lifts of 2021           

Best Lift Stands for Snowmobiles

Extreme Max 5800.1184 Deluxe Aluminum Snowmobile Lift

A reliable snowmobile lift by Extreme Max, this one is well-known for its clear anodized aluminum construction and longevity. The complete aluminum frame, along with a heavy-duty jack, makes it unique and a professional-grade gear that will not rust or corrode easily.

It also has a custom-made rubber lift cushion along with oversized tip-up supports to comfortably maneuver your long sleds and snow vehicles without causing any scratches or damages. This lift also includes a reliable crank handle and wheels for a smooth transition so that you can move it around without any difficulty or danger to your vehicle.

Furthermore, the inclusive wheel kit enables you to roll your mounted vehicle easily and efficiently. However, many users have complained that the wheels are not very durable and break off quite easily. Therefore you need to be a little careful with extra heavy vehicles.

This lift has a capacity of 800 pounds at the frame, and an overall 5,000 pounds jack capacity with a 28 inches lift height and 5-1/2 inches collapsed height. It even comes with a 3/8 inches drive socket that can quickly raise the snowmobile without any hassle. You can either use the lift handle or the included drive socket with the power drill to lift the snowmobile.

Also, in case of any manufacturing defect, Extreme Max provides a two-year replacement warranty on their Deluxe Aluminum Snowmobile Lift.

To sum it up, it is a fantastic option for your snowmobile if you are looking for excellent versatility along with easy mobility and rugged construction. You will truly be impressed by its overall performance and dependability to get the work done without any inconvenience.

Black Ice Snowmobile Jack Body Lift

Another robust snowmobile lift, this Black Ice Jack Body Lift comes with a hand crank and a pulley system to smoothly raise your snowmobile for servicing or off-season storage. With a heavy-duty and powder-coated steel construction, this lift is very durable and easy to move around. Besides, the tough structure and the black paint finish of the lift also protect it from corrosion and rusting, thus adding to the longevity of the gear.

It has a maximum capacity of 700 pounds and, when fully extended, can lift a snowmobile or a similar vehicle up to 28.5 inches in height. The frame of the lift features rubber padded contact points in order to protect your snowmobile from scratches and dents during lifting.

Furthermore, accompanied by 1.625 inches steel Dolly wheels, this lift can move smoothly around your garage or shop. It also includes a foot-operated safety latch that enables the lift to be immobile and stand in one place without any risk.

However, few customers have said that the assemblage of the lift can get a little tricky due to subpar instructions. Also, some have noted that the lift’s locking lever is a little shorter after you have loaded the snowmobile and raised it all the way up. This makes the mounted snowmobile a little rocky and unstable on the lift.

Therefore a more extended locking arm will be more supportive and suggestible for the lift. So that your snowmobile can stay mounted without any risk of collapsing or causing similar mishaps.

Nonetheless, it is an excellent alternative for snow vehicle owners looking for a user-friendly and sturdy lift along with excelling performance.

Goplus Motorcycle ATV Hydraulic Scissor Lift Jack stand

The Goplus lift stand is basically made for motorcycles but can be used to lift snowmobiles as well due to its versatile construction. Whether you choose this lift or any other, I highly recommend that you should at least take a look at the customer reviews of the Goplus Lift Stand so that you’ll know why snowmobilers use it.

The lift jack stand is made up of 1500lbs high strength steel, which gives it the power as well as strength to lift the heaviest of the snowmobiles without bending.

This solid high-grade steel structure offers durability to the lift stands by preventing them from rusting and corrosion, thus making it the strongest lift stand of all time. Even after continuous use in the harsh snowy climates and then storing it inside for a whole long year, the construction stays as strong and sturdy as before without a mark on the stands.

This lift stand comes with large handles to make it easy for you to lift and lower the snowmobile with ease without any hovering and mess. These large handles prevent the snowmobile from falling off and causing an accident.

Large handles of Goplus snowmobile jack lift

The top surface of the snowmobile lift is coated with a non-slip pad for safety purposes as there are chances that the snowmobile may slip off the pad and cause accidents. This is an essential feature to look for while buying a snowmobile hoist stand. The safety of you and your partners in the terrain must always be the priority.

Non-Slip Pad Requirement in Snowmobile lift

When a snowmobile is loaded, it is locked safely to the stand by the adjustable locking screws and wheels that help to improve the stability of the vehicle as well as enhances the safety of the people around. The lift stand has four highly durable casters for the snowmobile to roll over, thus making it easy to position and adjust on the stand. This also helps to easily store the snowmobile in the garage without even touching the floor, which may ruin the lower portion or tracks of the snowmobile.

Height Options in Goplus Lift Jack

The new feature in this lift stand comes with a durable top plate, base frame, and main shaft, making it highly advanced. The lift stand can lift vehicles to 17 3/8” high. You will be surprised by the lift stand’s portable nature and high quality. This is an excellent catch if you are in search of a budget snowmobile stand.

Extreme Max 5001.5037 PRO Series Lever Lift Stand

Extreme Max Pro Snowmobile Lift

The lift stands are an essential asset to the snowmobiles as they have to be lifted up for various activities, which cannot be done physically without the help of a machine. These stands help the riders to lift the snowmobile up from the ground and to work on it without aching their back by bending over for an extended period.

Hooks for snowmobile lifts

The snowmobile needs to be cleaned and clutched at regular intervals along with the repair and maintenance of the machine. They also need to be studded, and for all these purposes, the lift stands really come in handy. This extreme max lift stand is different from other stands as it can comfortably accommodate and fit any type of snowmobile on it.

lifting a sled snowmobile lift

This lift stand delivers you with enhanced stability, which helps to keep the snowmobile in position. It also comes with multiple height adjustments. This is an advanced feature in this lift stand, helping you to adjust according to your requirements and needs. This cuts off a huge drawback from its list.

Extreme Max Snowmobile Lever Lift Height Adjustment options

The Extreme Pro series lift stand comes with a forward angled design steel frame strength that helps in the reduction of the rubbing of the snow flaps. The base of the stand is designed in an “I” shape to offer increased stability while you work on your sled. The “I” shape base is made up of a powder-coated steel frame with an additional coating of zinc to make it robust and lasts longer than expected.

aluminum lift stand

This coating also protects the sled from rusting away while storing for a long duration. The tracks need to be elevated to protect them from any kind of environmental or chemical hazard or freezing. The handles of the lift stand are cushioned to give you that perfect grip and comfort.

This lift stand is very well built for snowmobiles. It would lift your standards after the purchase for sure as it can lift heavy to heavier snowmobiles with ease.

Extreme Max 5001.5013 Snowmobile Lever Lift stand

snowmobile lever lift stand

The Extreme Max Lever lift stand is the best snowmobile lift for the various purposes to be fulfilled of your sled. As your vehicle needs routine maintenance and repair, it’s obvious you cannot always bend over to work on it. This may cause severe pain in the back as well as the neck.

Even the studding of the tracks and cleaning also cannot be done bending over. This is the time when a robust jack comes in handy that is highly stable. You can now efficiently work on your snowmobile by lifting it up from the ground using a sled stand.

The Extreme Max lift stand offers stability to the sled while you work on it. It is designed with a solid “I” base to enhance the balance of the maintenance work. It also comes with multiple height adjustments so that you can lift the sled according to your needs and requirement.

Adjustable snowmobile lift stand

The “I” Base is made up of a square–tube powder-coated steel frame that gives strength to the steel frame. A coating of zinc is also done to prevent the steel from rusting and corrosion. The Extreme Max lift stand protects the sled tracks from the longer as well as shorter duration of storage as there are chances of the tracks getting damaged by environmental or chemical hazards.

extreme max lift stand for snowmobile

The Extreme max offers you the most advanced and premium features. It provides you with a vinyl-dipped bumper hook that gives protection to your sled and minimizes the movement of the sled while working on it.

snowmobile lift stand maximum height

The jack comes with a lever lift handle that helps you to maximize the lifting power. It also has a grip handle that is cushioned for a comfortable grip so that you can use it even in cold weather conditions.

Comfortable handle for easy lifting

This sled is well built and engineered precisely keeping in mind the benefits and needs of the customer.

Performance Tool Hydraulic Snowmobile Lift

snowmobile hydraulic lift

The Performance tool hydraulic snowmobile lift is a multi-purpose lift as it can be used for motorcycles, snowmobiles, and ATV. However, we will be talking about its use as a snowmobile lift stand.

This lift stand has a capacity of around 1500 pounds. It can thus lift a snowmobile of about 1500 pounds with ease without bending over and destroying the structure of the lift stand. The hydraulic jack stand has a lift range of 4-1/2 inches to 16-1/2 inches from the ground. This could be enough for people with low stature. But, it can become an issue for people with high stature as they would still have to bend over and work.

snowmobile jack stand

The absence of multiple height adjustments can bring a drawback to this jack stand. The top of the stand has two safety bolts to ensure the perfect stability of the snowmobile on the position to prevent any damage to the stand as well as the sled. The jack stand also comes with three positioning locking levers to ensure the perfect adjustments of the sled on the hydraulic stand.

The performance tool hydraulic snowmobile lift comes with a steel swivel caster that helps to easily roll the snowmobile on the stand without coming backward. It also comes with a non-slip rubber foot pedal to keep the stand in position and stable.

The jack stand also has a foot-activated hydraulic pump that helps you to position and stabilizes the lift stand hands-free with ease. This jack is highly stable with excellent performance levels.

Who should Buy Snowmobile Lift Lever Stand?

The Snowmobile Lift lever stands are more or less used to only lift the snowmobile a few inches up from the ground level at an angle. These lift lever stands are generally used by riders who are not active in the sport and want to spend less on the lift stand as they do not need to repair their snowmobile regularly. You may also need them if you have a special requirement to lift your snowmobile at an angle.

This very short video shows how a lever lift stands to lift a snowmobile.

Who Should Buy Snowmobile Lift Jack Stand?

The Snowmobile Lift jack stands are generally used to lift the whole sled up from the ground level for the riders’ convenience. The jack stands have more advanced and premium features than lever stands.

Check this very short video to see how a lift jack stand lifts a snowmobile.

These jack stands are usually bought by riders who are really active in sport and have a passion for it. These lie little towards the higher price range but are worth the price as you can work on the whole sled from bottom to up.

What You Should Look in Snowmobile Lifts?

The Snowmobile lift helps you to work with ease on your sled, hassle-free without continuous bending over and arching your back. It is highly accessible. With lots of options available in the market, buying a snowmobile stand can be a difficult task, as it can be genuinely confusing.

Before buying a storage stand, there are a few things you need to consider to suit your needs as well as your snowmobile. There are a lot of things you should look upon and keep in mind; some of them are listed below.

Weight of the Lift

While choosing the storage stand, it is essential to understand the requirements of your snowmobile. If your snowmobile is more on the heavy side, then you need to find a lift stand, which is heavy too, so that it can handle the weight of the snowmobile without bending over and damaging itself.

If your snowmobile is on the lighter side, then you do not need to invest in the heavy snowmobile jack stand, the lighter one would be a perfect fit.

However, it is preferred to buy a lightweight storage stand so that it would be easy for you to carry around. You should also ensure that the lift stand does not add extra weight to your sled. But, whatever lift you purchase, make sure it can handle your snowmobile comfortably.


The snowmobile stand should be able to adjust to the point of your comfort so that you do not have to break your back by continuously bending over. This would help you to work on your sled with ease.

Keeping distance from your snowmobile will also prevent your snowmobile jacket from getting stained from motor oil. The lift stand should easily adjust according to your snowmobile and your needs.

You should also look upon the quality and the material of the adjustable straps fixed to the lift stand as they need to be firm and fitted so that the sled does not slip off while working on it. The straps help you to safely and securely move around your sled to your garage as well as the tracks for snowmobiling. Therefore, they need to be highly sturdy.

Ability to Lift

Before buying a lift stand, you should know the weight of your sled. This would help you to understand the kind of storage lift stand you need. If your sled is heavy, then shift through the specifications, and you will get the perfect snowmobile to stand for your sled.

If your sled is on the lighter side, then it would be easy for you to pick as any kind of sled would be perfect for your snowmobile as it would not need extra care and work while lifting it.


The size of the lift stand also matters as you need to store it when not in use in your garage space. The more space it takes, the more inconvenience will be caused as you would get enough space to store other things.

Therefore, it is advisable to choose the snowmobile jack stand according to the space of your garage. Nowadays, foldable lift stands are also available in the market for the customer’s convenience. Some snowmobile stands can fold up to five inches in height for storage, taking a small amount of space for storage.

You can either hang these foldable lift stands or just put them inside the storage box.


The snowmobile lift stands should be made up of materials that are highly rust resistant as the snowmobile is meant to experience harsh climatic conditions. The material should be tough and have the strength to weather through all the conditions.

Most of the snowmobile stands are made up of powdered coated steel frames with zinc-coated hardware, which ensures the sled to handle heavy use. The stainless steel hardware provides toughness and rigidity to the snowmobile jack stand. The heavy-duty steel delivers better performance and durability with the powder coat finishing.

Cushioned Handles

The cushioned handles offer a good grip during harsh climatic conditions. When the snow melts, the lift stands can become slippery, which is a real hazard or disaster.

The cushioned handles should be soft and have a comfortable grip so that you can take off your snowmobile gloves and use your bare hands for increasing precision.


The budget for buying a snowmobile lift should always be decided earlier than listing out the specifications you need. This helps you to narrow down your list of options and thus eliminates the confusion.

The budget also helps you to list down all the features and specifications you need to buy a snowmobile lift stand for your snowmobile with ease as the number of options is reduced.

Final Words

Finding the appropriate lift or jack stands for your snowmobile can be a tricky task since you need to consider many factors before making a decision.

That being said, it is still possible to find a suitable lift for your snow vehicle once you know what you need.

Ultimately, your lift needs to be user-friendly, sturdy and should be able to mount your snowmobile without any difficulty.

I hope this article helps you to find that ideal jack stand for your snow vehicle.