Best Snowmobile Helmets 2021: Full-Face & Modular Helmets

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Your safety is of utmost importance when you go snowmobiling. You have to find a snowmobile helmet that provides a good fit, comfort, and safety.

Choosing the best snowmobile helmet in 2021 is difficult for people wearing sunglasses. They can opt for an open-face helmet since enclosed helmets will make their glasses fog.

Some helmets come with an electric shield and breath boxes that control the air exhaled through the nostril and help prevent fogging.

Sledding demands the safety and protection of riders. The head requires protection from injury and from weather conditions like rain, snow, and cold winds. You should carefully choose your helmet to enjoy its full benefits.

My Personal Recommendation

Modular Snowmobile Helmet

If I have to buy just one modular snowmobile helmet, the Castle X EXO-CX950 Electric Modular Snowmobile Helmet is hands down the best in the market.

On the other hand, the Ski-doo Modular 3 Snowmobiling Helmet remains the top contender against the

The Castle X EXO-CX950 has an advanced LG polycarbonate shell exclusively developed by Scorpion.

No need to worry if you wear eyeglasses with its ultra-wide eye-port which provides a full field of view.

This snowmobile helmet is designed to be the most comfortable helmet with its KwikWick II antimicrobial comfort liner and Kwikfit padding.

If you don’t like the Castle X EXO-CX950, then definitely go for Ski-doo Modular 3 Snowmobiling Helmet.

It has a high-quality modular helmet setup that features a single button flip-up system that allows you to convert the helmet from a full-face to an open-face. It also has a quick-release buckle system.

The dual visors and the internal flip-down sun shield protect you from sun glares as well as improve lighting for low light conditions to give you clear vision regardless of the conditions and weather.

Snowmobile Helmet with Heated Shield

If I have to recommend a snowmobile helmet with a heated shield, I’ll definitely pick the 509 Delta R4 Ignite Helmet which is very popular among snowmobile riders.

This dual-certified snowmobile helmet promises excellent quality and solid features.

Say goodbye to fogging with its Ignite dual-pane heating technology that guarantees to eliminate fogging even when snowmobiling at sub-zero temperature.

The ventilation system is also installed to control the take in and exhaust of air to prevent overheating or freezing in cold weather.

Alternatively, if you want a more affordable option, the Typhoon Full Face Snowmobile Helmet is the way to go.

It has open and close locking air intake vents to regulate the temperature. It also has a dual-pane construction and an anti-fog coating all contribute to clear, fog-free snowmobile rides.

For an affordable price, you get a DOT certified snowmobile helmet that matches on par with other helmet models.

Snowmobile Helmet for Glasses

If you wear glasses, you know the struggle of finding the perfect snowmobile helmet that you can wear with glasses. However, the Ski-doo Modular 3 Snowmobiling Helmet is topnotch in providing an all-in-one solution to this problem.

The helmet has an oversize design to accommodate most prescription glasses. It provides ample space that allows you to wear your glasses comfortably underneath without issues.

Another problem when wearing a helmet is that warm air tends to concentrate on the eye area creating fog on the glasses. To combat this, the BREATH EVAC mask is installed to deflect breath away from the eye-port giving you a crystal clear vision.

Best Modular Snowmobile Helmet

Ski-Doo Modular 3 Electric SE Helmet

The Ski-Doo Modular 3 helmet is the technologically advanced and the first snowmobile in the generation to be designed using a clean sheet of paper. This is best suitable for winter adventures like snowmobiling as it offers an ultimate level of comfort and protection.

The construction of the Modular 3 features a large eye-opening for a widened peripheral vision while snowmobiling through the woods. The dual-lens visor offered by the Ski-Doo in this helmet incorporates clear vision technology that provides the rider with distortion-free as well as optically accurate vision.

The Modular 3 is effortless to wear as well as move the visor up and down even with your snowmobile gloves on. The sun shield featured in this helmet is retractable can be raised or lowered with just a touch of a button. The jaw section of the Modular 3 helmet relieves itself with one push-button release.

The helmet also offers a breath EVA mask technology that prevents fogging by directing the breath out of the helmet through the tube thus offering a clear vision. The construction of the helmet offers enough room for the rider to ace the whole look by wearing sunglasses. The Modular 3 comes in two different colors with sizes ranging from small to 2 Xlarge.

Castle X EXO-CX950 Electric Modular Snowmobile

The Castle X EXO-CX950 is the latest model launched by Castle in the series of modular helmets for snowmobile riders. This Electric Modular helmet is designed and manufactured by the Scorpion to offer an aesthetical look to the helmet. The Scorpion uses its patent advanced LG polycarbonate shell that provides a tough look to the helmet and is also responsible to absorb shock in case of accidents.

The modular and versatile nature of this helmet offers three distinctive styles for the riders that can be changed according to the requirement of the rider. The three distinguishing styles of the helmet: (1) A modular Dual-Sport Snow helmet when the installation of visor and shield is carried out (2) An aerodynamic Sport Touring Snow helmet when the visor is removed (3) A functional Off-Road helmet when the shield is uninstalled from the helmet to add snowmobile goggles to space.

The density EPS aero-tuned ventilation system installed in the helmet prevents fogging due to the temperature difference inside and out. It also allows the passage of airflow suitably to deliver a relaxed environment for the rider. The Modular helmet also features an oversized-eye port for the riders to fit in sunglasses effortlessly.

The EverClear SpeedView drop-down sun visor incorporated in the model is preferred for extremely bright and sunny days. The KwikWick II anti-microbial liner and the KwikFit chin pads as well as cheek curtains are installed to ace up the overall protection system.

The cheek pads are fitted along with the electric double-lens shield breath box whereas the chin curtains are installed with the flip-up chin bar makes it effortless to put on and off the helmet even with gloves on.

Ski-Doo BV2S Helmet

The BV2S helmet is the best modular snowmobile helmet in the market launched by Ski-Doo that offers the most optically accurate vision to the riders. It is manufactured and designed by the BRP using the most technically advanced systems and technologies. The exceptionally wide eye port installed in the BV2S helmet allows the snowmobile rider to have a clear 180-degree vision.

The injection-molded and polished dual lens visor incorporated in the modular helmet offers a crystal clear and distortion-free vision to the snowmobile riders. It also features a drop-down sun visor for bright and sunny days to prevent blurry visions. The removable face piece allows the riders to communicate effortlessly and eat or drink without removing the full helmet.

The advanced face mask system installed in this modular helmet prevents fogging caused due to the temperature differences inside out. The face mask is designed with soft surgical rubber material that offers an exceptional sealing technology and a comfortable experience.

The warm air is breathed in through the one-way intake openings in the mask and the air is exhaled out through the front of the helmet and eventually prevents the fog build-up. The helmet features replaceable and washable liners to absorb the moisture and keep the environment warm and dry. The rear light installed in the helmet delivers a cool look along with increases visibility.

FXR Maverick Modular Team Helmet

The FX Maverick is the most versatile modular team helmet designed especially for snowmobile riders. It offers a distinctive range of options with distinguished ways of wearing snowmobile helmets. The FXR has installed an electric shield in this modular helmet to deliver an ultimate level of protection, comfort, and warmth.

This model is redesigned from the first generation FXR snowmobile models and manufactured by introducing unconventional and progressive technologies. The Maverick Modular helmet is constructed with an advanced polymer that is exceptionally lightweight and strong.

The peak featured in the helmet is removable well as offers indefinite strength that helps to decrease the lift/drag at high speeds. The buckles provided in the helmet are effortless to use with an adjustable quick-release system. The chin bar installed in the helmet is connected with a latch made up of stainless steel that is extremely resistant to impact.

The chin bar can be lifted high or low according to needs using a single thumb-release button that can be easily accessed with gloves on. The helmet is incorporated with a drop-down sun visor for bright and sunny days. The face shield retention system is effortless to handle and is electrically heated with anti-fog, anti-scratch, and UV filtering features. The dual-layer face shield offers crystal clear as well as distortion-free vision.

The Maverick modular helmet also features a breath box that is removable and allows the proper flow of air through appropriate passageways. The Hi-Flow air ventilation system is adjustable and is combined with the drag reduction vent spoiler. The helmet also includes removable, washable, and moisture-wicking liners that offer a comfortable, clean, warm, and dry environment.

The FXR Maverick modular helmet comes in seven different colors with sizes ranging from small to XX-Large.

Typhoon G339 Dual Visor Modular Full Face Snowmobile Helmet

The Typhoon G339 modular snowmobile helmet is fairly adaptable with a flip-up electric face shield and flip-up chin bar. It is designed for practically all temperatures for the dedicated and passionate snowmobile riders. It helps you to keep warm and comfortable for days together at extremely low temperatures of winter.

The Typhoon G339 is effortless to install and can be directly connected to your snowmobile using an RCA style connection either through an accessory port or to a 12v battery. The face shield of the helmet is constructed with a clear polycarbonate shell that incorporates a dual-lens face shield that offers an optically accurate and distortion-free vision.

The face shield has anti-fog as well as anti-scratch coating and is even resistant to extreme impacts on the helmets while snowmobiling. The helmet also includes a breath box that helps to reduce condensation and diminishes the formation of fog. The breath box deflects the exhaled air through the bottom of the helmet.

It comes with an easy and rapid detach system for effortless removal of the breath box without removing the helmet. The helmet features an adjustable ventilation system that includes dual upper and low air intake vents along with an interior airflow channeling system that eventually moderates the formation of fog.

The Typhoon G339 also features a smoke-tinted sun visor for bright and sunny days that delivers an optically correct as well as distortion-free vision along with UV protection. The drop-down sun visor is quite easy to withdraw and lock with gloves on. The breathable, removable, and washable padded liner delivers a soft and comfortable interior for the snowmobile rider.

The convenient design with flip-up and one-button open, as well as closure system, makes it the most preferred and adored snowmobile helmet in the market.

Best Snowmobile Helmets with Heated Shield

509 Delta R4 Ignite Helmet 

This DOT/ECE dual certified 509 Delta R4 Ignite Helmet shell is one of the best snowmobile helmets with heated shield guarantees to meet your every snowmobile safety needs and more.

The heated shield has a modular flip-up face shield performance type with Ignite dual-pane heating technology to eliminate fog even in subzero temperature for clear, ice, and fog-free vision. The heated face shield is also designed with an oversized fit to give you a maximum field of view. Easily flip up the face shield with the push of a glove-friendly button installed in the electric snowmobile helmet.

The helmet features a Climate Control Ventilation system with a two-stage front chin vent, adjustable forehead vents, and exhaust vents which open and close for control depending on the weather conditions. It also comes with 509’s new Pro Series Liner and cheek pads and a cold-weather breath box. The combination of these features gives maximum comfort and convenience while keeping you warm.

This snowmobile helmet has a poly-alloy shell construction to ensure durability and protection. It also features two shell sizes and dual-density EPS for optimal fit along with its custom liner kits available for a fine-tuned fit. It also features its glove-friendly Fidlock magnetic strap buckle to conveniently open and secure the helmet in place.

However, this electric snowmobile helmet can take a little more time to heat up especially in extremely cold weather.

Ski-Doo Oxygen Helmet

The Ski-Doo Oxygen helmet features its lightweight M-FORGE Composite shell construction. It is 20% lighter than the BV2S helmet and 16% lighter than the Modular helmet promises to give you maximum comfort and functionality without compromising protection.

This innovative M-FORGE Composite technology has a Thermoplastic matrix that behaves with increased ductility and tenacity for an increased safety system made through the use of the conventional Thermoset matrix. The lightweight design puts less strain on the snowmobile rider for a more comfortable riding experience.

The Oxygen helmet is available with a heated shield to give you the best performance. The temperature is managed using a remote control with three heat settings and also has a manually adjusted airflow chamber.

It has a sun visor heated chamber, amplified heated visor with a pivot contact system, and retractable amber sun visor. It also has adjustable humidity extractor vents. These features prevent ice, fog, and wind to disrupt your vision while on the trail while keeping you warm giving you crystal clear vision.

It is prescription eyeglasses-friendly and provides an unobstructed panoramic field of vision. It features its unique passive noise control system with custom-fit ear pads in the helmet to reduce noise caused by the wind.

The Oxygen helmet features rear LED signature light for added safety features and optional front LED lights which can be helpful for low light and night rides. However, some noted that the placements of these lights can post dangers to other riders especially the rear light, and the fact that it requires batteries is not that convenient.

Castle X Mode Dual-Sport SV Team 

This Castle X Mode Dual-Sport SV Team electric snowmobile helmet is DOT & ECE approved which ensures to give you a high-quality product. It has a modern shell design created with CAD technology. Its shell is constructed with Advanced Polycarbonate Composite injection molding. These features guarantee to provide maximum durability.

The helmet includes an electric dual pane anti-fog shield for a fog-free ride, a Hi-Definition amber tint sun visor to prevent sun glares on bright sunny days, and a removable breath box and cold weather chin curtain for comfort. These features contribute to fog-free snowmobile rides and unobstructed vision while on the snow.

It features an advanced ventilation system that allows air to easily flow from the front to the back of the helmet to remove excess heat and moisture through the airflow channels in the EPS liner to further prevent fogging while providing comfort.

The helmet has a rider-friendly drop-down sun visor system and eyeglass-friendly cheek pads for convenience while snowmobiling. Its quick-release chin strap buckle system offers micro-adjustments to provide security and comfort.

Others noticed that the heated shield can be improved because it is not warm enough therefore it fogs up more quickly.

Typhoon G339 Dual Visor Snowmobile Helmet

The modular flip-up design and the heated flip-up face shield of the Typhoon G339 provide great versatility to snowmobile riders. This DOT-approved electric snowmobile helmet features a clear polycarbonate face shield for durability. It also includes a heated dual lens electric face shield. This helps reduce condensation and fogging at lower temperatures to provide clear vision.

It has adjustable ventilation for controlled upper and lowers dual air intakes to allow for ample airflow to help minimize condensation and keep you comfortable depending on the weather conditions.

The smoke-tinted sun visor fits perfectly over prescription glasses and provides an optically correct field of vision and UV protection against the sun.

The Typhoon G339 Dual Visor Snowmobile Helmet includes a breath box with a bendable soft-lined nose piece for a custom fit to direct your breath out of the helmet and reduce condensation, fog, and ice from forming. It is also designed for easy snap-in installation and removal for convenience. However, many have noted that the breath box is not as efficient and durable as cold air still passes through the helmet.

Ski-Doo Modular 3 Electric SE Helmet

This Ski-Doo Modular 3 electric snowmobile helmet aims to provide the best vision for snowmobilers on the trail. It incorporates a large eye-opening for great peripheral vision. It also features its dual-lens visor which uses built-in Clear Vision Technology for a distortion-free, optically correct view.

This DOT-approved helmet is constructed with 100% Polycarbonate. It has a modern, edgy shell design for a trendy look and its spacious design makes it suitable for eyeglasses.

The helmet features an electric face shield to keep fog and ice away while providing warmth for a comfortable ride.

The unique retractable sun shield raises and lowers at the touch of a button. This heated snowmobile helmet opens fully with its front push-button release integrated into the jaw section and its quick-release chin strap. It also features a BREATH EVAC fog-resistant mask system for a fog-free snowmobile ride.

However, a few have observed that this helmet offers a less ventilation system for comfort and exhaust heat on warmer days.

Best Snowmobile Helmet for Glasses

BV2S Helmet

The BV2S Helmet is the most advanced and innovative snowmobile helmet model available in the market and has been trending ever since it’s been launched. This model is designed and manufactured by BRP and they have focused on offering the snowmobile riders the best vision possible in extremely cold climatic conditions.

The BV2S helmet has a massive opening in the front that helps to deliver you with a 180-degree vision. It is shielded with a crystal clear dual lens visor. This dual lens visor is injection molded and then is polished which ensures to prevent any kind of distortion like the other visors. This feature helps the BV2S helmet to stand out from other helmets.

These dual-lens visors are flat at the beginning of their developmental process then they are rolled into shape by providing excessive heat to the material. When the weather is bright out, you will just have to drop your sun visor.

The BV2S helmet comes with a facepiece that is removable in nature. When you need to communicate just remove off the facepiece and after you are done with your conversation you can just attach it again to the helmet. This feature can also be useful as you can eat or drink anything without removing your helmet.

The fogging in your helmet can be a major issue while riding your snowmobile. This BV2S helmet eliminates this factor with its innovative mask system. When you place the facepiece in your helmet, you just need to turn the exhaust isle that helps to move the mask into place to fit your face perfectly even if you are using eyeglasses.

The facepiece or mask is made up of a very soft surgical rubber to offer the riders the best sealing technology and ultimate comfort. When you inhale through this mask, you breathe warm air through the one-way intake openings and exhale out through the front of the helmet. The face mask comes with replaceable liners inside them to absorb condensation to prevent fogging and offer a clear vision.

The helmet comes with a removable and washable liner along with a cool rear light for added visibility. Since these helmets are designed to be specifically used for winter, the sunscreen, visor, and facepiece adjustments can be easily operated by wearing gloves. The BV2S helmet is available from small to XXXL sizes in various different colors.

YEMA Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet- YM 926

The YM-926 is the upgraded version of the YEMA series of motorcycle helmets with all the advanced and pioneering features added to this model. The YM-926 is a professional-grade motorcycle helmet that meets and exceeds all the DOT standards. The design of the helmet gives an aggressive and sleek look to the YM-926 helmet.

If you are looking for the most fashionable helmet for your Street Bike, Racing, Motocross, ATV, Dirt Bike, MX, Quad, Adventure, etc. then the YM-926 is all you need. With its most exciting and versatile features along with its look, it has been trending in the market.

The YM-926 has an enormous opening in the front that helps to offer the rider a large field of vision while riding a bike. This also offers a 180-degree vision to the rider for added comfort and bends free vision. The front of the helmet is covered by a high-impact visor that offers a clear vision to the riders of their path.

The visor has a dual-lens design that offers the rider a distortion-free vision as the other visors fail to offer. The manufacturer uses advanced modular technology to build the visor that makes it resistant to any kind of scratches. The visor comes with a sunscreen attached under it that can be used when the sun is shining bright outside.

The YM-926 comes with an easy-to-handle red-colored switch that helps to quickly change the sun visor from up to down or vice-versa and also you can easily remove or install the visor so as to ensure clear vision. Thus it offers the riders a quick-release visor for convenience.

The visor constitutes an inner smoked lens and the outer has a clear shield. The inner smoked lens helps to prevent fogging due to extreme temperature differences inside and out. The helmet has a streamlined aerodynamic design that helps in the reduction of the noise of the wind or the drag while you are having an aggressive ride.

The helmet comes with a quick-release strap to offer the rider a perfect, secured fit and for easy on or off. It has a fully comfortable inner padding with a reinforced chin strap to keep the head and the chin protected and secured. The laser-cut foam used for the padding adds ultimate comfort and protection to the riders keeping the head light-weight.

These pads are fully adjustable and can be removed for washing purposes. They can be easily washed in the machines. The padding also ensures to provide extra space for the glasses. The YM-926 also has a fully adjustable intake and exhaust vent to allow the proper flow of air through the helmet and also prevent fogging of the visor.

The YM-926 has a size range from small to XXL and is always recommended to order or buy one size larger. The only flaw with the YM-926 is the screw that allows the chin guard and visor to actuate and flip open after many uses.

Best Snowmobile Helmets with Built-In Speakers

FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth helmets

The FreedConn Motorcycle helmet is quite popular because of its Bluetooth integrated feature that ranges up to 500 meters or 1640 feet. This Bluetooth speaker allows the rider to communicate while riding their motor vehicle and even jam into their favorite playlist. This feature of the helmet makes it look quite cool and fun.

These Bluetooth speakers can be paired with a maximum of three riders at a time and allow talking to a maximum of two riders at a time. The speakers also feature DSP Echo Cancellation and noise suppression technology that allows them to offer the best voice quality.

The FreedConn motorcycle helmet is a V3.0 +EDR Bluetooth Modular helmet that has been certified by BQB and CE as it meets and exceeds their motor vehicle safety standards. It is also certified by the DOT that makes it quite rare as it has got three safety ratings thus making it the safest helmet in the market to protect your head.

The Bluetooth speaker supports the MP3 music player, FM Radio, and GPS voice prompt as well. You can now easily listen to stereo music through Bluetooth-enabled devices like cell phones, MP3 with A2DP and it also supports the playback controls to achieve play/pause/previous song/ next song via AVRCP.

 The Bluetooth speaker helmet has a multi-tasking technology that enables the Bluetooth to override all other communication systems as you receive an incoming call. It has a one-touch control system to call answering, rejecting or number dialing. It is very easy to operate even with the gloves on and offers full face comfort to the rider.

The helmet is lined with a microfiber liner that has moisture-wicking properties that allow keeping the rider warm and dry. These are removable and machine washable. They also have a 3-dimensional ventilation system to ensure maximum airflow through the helmet to prevent fogging of the shields and ensure a comfortable wearing experience.

The helmet weighs around 5.85 pounds that are extremely lightweight for the comfort of a rider. They come in three different size options with five different colors for the riders to choose from. The only issue with the helmet is it runs a size smaller so it is advised to buy a size larger than you usually wear.

ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

The ILM motorcycle helmet is fully Bluetooth integrated that offers the headphone inside the helmet as well the microphone for communication purposes. This allows the rider to make and receive calls and also they can easily listen to their favorite playlist while enjoying the drive.

When you buy this helmet, you also get a Bluetooth receiver that is connected with a battery and operates on it. The only thing you have to do is attach the receiver to the helmet by opening up the back of the helmet and stall the receiver into the helmet. This receiver does not need to be removed after getting attached to the helmet.

The receiver uses a battery to operate that needs to be changed from time to time. It comes with a charging port on it and the placement of the charging port allows you to charge your battery without removing your receiver from the helmet.

One of the best features of the ILM modular helmet is that it has an amazing noise-canceling property that allows suppressing the wind noise around you to have the best quality sound from the speakers inside the helmet. This also allows you to listen to your music or communicate with a person on the other side without stopping your bike in order to hear clearly.

Another amusing feature of this helmet is it includes three air intake vents with two on the top and one in the front that making it an ideal helmet for multi-seasonal use. The helmet has a dual visor system for the convenience and comfort of the rider.

The ILM Motorcycle Helmet has a modular flip-up design that allows the rider to flip the whole front face up above the helmet. This helps the rider to easily put the helmet on and off the head.

This helmet also has a front visor that flips up and down along with an internal visor that can be accessed by a switch on the side of the helmet. These visors are ECE certified as they meet and exceed all their safety standards even the whole helmet is DOT certified.

This helmet has a slit aerodynamic design to allow the rider to bend their head down closer to their bike in order to reduce the drag but this does not interfere with your field vision.

The ILM Bluetooth Integrated helmet allows the biker to have biker to biker or biker to rider intercom communications only if the other person is also using the ILM Bluetooth speakers. It also allows the bikers to get a GPS interaction through the speakers to navigate their drive without any hassle. The ILM Bluetooth helmet supports an Intercom over a distance of up to 1000 feet between the riders.

The Bluetooth speaker has a one-touch control system for receiving calls, rejecting, or redialling calls. However, the incoming call overrides all the other communications like intercom, music, and navigation audio.

This helmet weighs around 4.4 pounds and is extremely lightweight for the comfort of the rider. The helmet comes in different sizes ranging from Medium to XLarge in three different colors. The only issue with this helmet is that it comes with a normal visor instead of anti-fog visors.

Different Types of Snowmobile Helmets

Full Face Helmet

This helmet covers the entire head having no shifting parts. Designed with a double lens fixed shield and a breath box in order to reduce fog and to keep wind noise to the minimum. This is a great option for high-speed rough riders and also a good start for beginners.

Modular Helmet

This resembles the full-face helmet only which is designed with a visor that flips up. It happens to be the most popular type of helmet particularly for those who constantly require fresh air or contact with their face and those who put on glasses.

Snocross Helmet

This helmet is popular among frequent riders. The helmet comes with an open face having no shield and this allows one to use goggles and a breath box for ventilation. The goggles provide a wider field of vision compared to the helmet shield as they are closer to the eyes.

Dual Sports Helmet

These are the hybrid of the snocross and full-face having a breath box and face shield and yet with a wider field of vision as in the goggles.

Things to Consider before Buying a Snowmobile Helmet


To get the best grasp of the quality of helmets that you may consider, you need to look at impact rating, anti-fog features, lens material, etc. The dual-pane lens is necessary for anti-fog capability. It is recommended to buy a helmet with single pane lenses.

There are three types of lens or shields, which are, heated shield, dual pane, and framed or frameless. The last type is pretty much a matter of aesthetics.

Dual-pane shields indicate a design where the two lenses are separated by a thin layer of air. This thin layer acts as a form of insulation that limits condensation generated from the contact between the warm air from your face and the fresh cold air from outside.

Heated shields have a heating element that goes around the shield perimeter and this plug into the electrical system of the sled.

Frameless lenses have a cleaner look but that is pretty much the only perk.

Breath Guard

Breath guards are also an important feature. These helmet inserts are adjustable and they seal your nose and mouth to make sure that your moist, hot breath does not fog up the lens.

Hot breath and cold lenses in the winter conditions equal fogging and condensation. The guard should seal pretty tightly around your face so that your warm breath is directed down and is away from the shield. This should also not be too tight to cause any discomfort.

A breath guard is usually attached with Velcro strips or snaps. It also has a metal strip along the top of the nose for a better seal. It also performs as insulation and holds the cold air away from the skin for snowmobilers by using snow-cross style helmets. Breath guard is a great choice and guarantees no fogging when paired with a high-quality dual pane lens.

Safety Rating

DOT, which stands for ”Department of transportation”, is the chief safety certification. Do not plan to buy any helmet without this rating.

If you plan to ride or live in Europe, look for ECE- the Economic Commission for Europe tests these helmets for standards and quality.


Ventilation is highly essential, but in winter conditions this can be vital. Snowmobile helmets get hot fast despite the low temperatures, especially for more active and passionate mountain riders.

Airflow through the helmet is crucial to heat management. Ventilation into the lens area helps limit fog, and you are sure to stay fresh and clean with mouth ventilation.

In conclusion, consider what type of helmet works the best for your needs and make the decision based on the right weather conditions and your riding style.


best snowmobile helmet

There are many types of snowmobile helmets to choose from – either modular, with heated shields, for glasses, or with built-in speakers. 

Before deciding which one to buy, you should take into consideration the type of lens it uses, the breath guards, proper ventilation, and its safety rating. Your overall safety and comfort depend on the right choice.

For most riders looking to do some mileage on the trails, a full-face helmet would be our recommendation. However, the final choice among these various options for snowmobile helmets still lies in your preferences. Have a safe ride!