Best Snowmobile Socks: Comfy Socks For Men & Women

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Irrespective of the winter sports you choose to enjoy during winter, your primary concern should always be to protect yourself from the cold.

Unlike other gears, snowmobile socks are neglected, and people choose to wear the usual winter socks for their rides. These socks would not help keep your feet warm all day as they are not designed for that purpose.

You need socks that provide enough warmth and comfort to enjoy your ride. That’s what snowmobiling socks are for, which can withstand the temperature of snowy terrain.

People are often in a dilemma in choosing the socks for their snowmobile rides. In this article, we compiled the best snowmobile socks available.

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509 Tactical Sock

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Klim Mammoth Sock

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Hylaea Cold Weather Socks

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SNOW DEER Heated Socks

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Best Snowmobile Socks in 2022

snowmobile socks

There are a variety of options for snowmobile socks available in the market for the customers to choose from.

Finding the heated snowmobile socks suitable for your ride and the terrain you are riding on can be tiring.

Here are some of the best snowmobile socks listed below to look out for in the market to keep your search filtered and advanced.

Klim Mammoth Snowmobile Socks

The Klim Company has always amazed the customers with their products’ unconventional and innovative features, and they solely design or manufacture products for snowmobile riders.

Thus, they have been the most preferred brand for the riders to purchase snowmobiling gears.

The Klim Mammoth socks are one of their kind with their unique characteristics and details that are exclusively designed to keep the riders comfortable in harsh winter weather conditions.

The Klim socks are made from a distinctive combination of three different materials: polyamide, lycra, and, most importantly, merino wool.

 The merino wool is known for its unique moisture-wicking properties that allow the rider to stay dry throughout the day.

The wool absorbs the sweat in the feet and lets the air pass through them to keep the area moisture-free.

Polyamide and Lycra add to the flexible socks that allow the riders to put on and off socks onto their feet smoothly.

The Klim Mammoth socks are similar to the older version of the socks but with more advanced features.

These socks are twice thicker than the original socks, perfect for the extreme weather conditions for snowmobiling.

The Klim Mammoth socks are made up of 85% merino wool, 55% lycra, and 5% nylon to offer the customer ultimate support and warmth for a peaceful ride.

The socks have reinforced pressure points to last for more than a decent amount of time and are also resistant to tearing.

These socks come in three different sizes, which range from small to large, to fit people of varying age groups.

The small size is best suited for the US 4-6 size, while the larger ones are fit for men’s sizes US 11-14.

These Klim Mammoth socks are best paired with the Gortex boots to provide the ultimate feel of the socks with their extraordinary features. You can also wear them with your Baffin Snowmobile Boots.

The only disadvantage of these Klim Mammoth socks is the fitting of the socks.

The buyers have complained about the differences in the product sizes that cannot offer a snug fit; otherwise, it is one of the warmest and thickest snowmobile socks available for snowmobiling.

snowmobiling socks for women

509 Tactical Sock

The 509 Tactical sock provides a lightweight feel perfect for milder conditions.

This pair is for you if you’re looking for snowmobile socks with great versatility, moisture control, and protection.

It features Zonal terry cushioning for a comfortable fit. It also has arch compression and Achilles mapping to ensure the socks stay in place.

These features drastically improve comfort for your all-day snowmobile rides.

These socks are made with synthetic yarn blended with nylon and Lycra to provide structure and support.

It also has a silicone finish to keep the socks soft, easy to put on, and easy to care about. The synthetic blend with nylon and Lycra delivers breathability while resisting abrasion for performance that lasts.

These materials also help with moisture wicking to keep you dry, warm, and fast-drying to carry on with your snowmobile rides without worrying about freezing and wet feet.

The Tactical socks are a full calf-length style that stays inside your snowmobile boots and is available in two colors and sizes.

These snowmobile socks are made with a more breathable fabric, so they are versatile enough to use in warmer weather, but they might not provide sufficient warmth when used in icy weather.

509 Stoke Sock

For high-speed snowmobile rides in cold weather, check out the 509 Stoke socks for snowmobiling guarantee to give you a solid and secured fit that stays up all day while keeping you warm and dry.

These are made with a blend of Merino wool with antipilling Acrylic to give you sufficient warmth and maximum comfort.

It features a complete terry loop construction for cushion and insulation for added warmth on your cold snowmobile rides.

Thanks to these features, these socks provide breathability and stink-fighting performance while delivering moisture-wicking properties and fast-drying function.

It is made with Nylon and Lycra fabrics to furnish maximum support and structure for a more solid fit. It also has a silicone finish to keep it soft and for easy care.

These materials provide overall strength and durability to last for many seasons.

The Stoke socks have a full-length style to land above the calf with arch compression and Achilles mapping to ensure it stays in place all day.

However, others noted that these snowmobile socks are not warm enough to use in sub-zero conditions.

Begleri Heated Socks

Begleri heated socks bring you the functionality without compromising aesthetics and style.

These heated snowmobile socks are equipped with two upgraded large-capacity rechargeable batteries that heat up to ten hours, providing you warmth in freezing weather.

It has three heat settings, from low heat to high heat, to adjust for every weather condition.

The Dense Uniform Nanofiber Heating Wire is installed to warm electric heated socks in as quickly as two seconds and temperature up to 158°F.

The electric socks have a heat bottom instep on the forefoot. All toes stimulate the acupoints on the feet to warm your entire foot and promote blood circulation in the body for an even stable distribution of heat.

The Begleri heated socks are constructed with premium combed cotton and A-grade spandex to provide breathability and durability.

These snowmobile socks have a full-length style to ensure it stays in place all day.

However, these heated socks take a lot of time to charge, but once they charge full, you can use them for your long and cold snowmobile rides.

JulyPanny Heated Socks

JulyPanny heated snowmobile socks are designed to soothe and aid riders struggling with cold feet.

The carbon fiber heating element in these electric socks focuses on soothing the feet by providing heat on the sole and the toes, thereby improving blood flow to your extremities and helping to protect your feet from the cold while snowmobiling.

These heating elements are integrated into the front foot bottom to radiate heat evenly throughout the feet.

It features an easily accessible switch allowing you to switch the heating element on or between the three heat settings.

These heat settings allow you to choose the length of time and the strength of heat you want to, depending on the weather conditions you are in.

The warmth of these socks can reach as high as 50°C and last as long as 3-6 hours.

The charger of these heated socks is updated to protect from overcharging and overcurrent problems to ensure safety when plugged in.

Others have noticed that it takes a little bit of time to charge fully and lasts a little shorter, so if you are planning an all-day snowmobile ride, it is recommended to bring extra batteries.

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How to Choose Snowmobile Socks


Most snowmobile socks run up to the knees to give full protection from shin bangs which happen when the front of the boot hits or puts painful pressure on the front of the leg. Also covering your knee can provide extra warmth and comfort.

But the height of your snowmobile socks must be appropriate for the boot height. I would say if you get shorter snowmobile boots, then going for shorter socks is preferable. 

Thickness/ Weight

Why do you wear snowmobile socks inside your boots? For warmth, right? So what’s the use of snowmobile socks that aren’t as thick as they should be? But this doesn’t mean you must go for very thick socks.

Socks that are too thick can restrict circulation, especially when paired with snug-fitting boots. So look for socks that are thick and comfortable but not too heavy.

Some snowmobile socks come with cushions for extra warmth and comfort. I suggest that this can be chosen for snowmobiling which doesn’t require much foot contact with the terrain. 


Socks made out of synthetic material or merino wool wick away moisture, preventing your feet from sweating.  Merino wool is also a great choice for insulation- keeping your feet warm, but not too warm.

Synthetic socks made out of nylon, Lycra, and other man-made materials are also a good choice. This type of material also wicks away moisture while keeping your feet warm and dry. Your biggest objective when choosing the warmest sock for extreme weather is to make sure they keep moisture away. If your feet are dry then I am sure you will stay warm during snowmobiling. 


Warmth is the key to comfortable snowmobiling. The warmth a snowmobile socks provides is determined by the thickness and material. Though it’s not always true that the thicker the sock the greater the warmth, in some cases thicker socks give a warm foot. 

These days thinner socks are also designed with fabrics that can keep your feet warm irrespective of the thickness and weight. Materials like wool and synthetic ones like lycra are great options. I personally feel woolen ones are better!

It’s important to have a pair of snowmobiling socks that are water resistant and moisture-wicking. These two features are the ones that provide warmth. If your socks are gonna let moisture and water enter your feet, it’s a total waste!


Who would want snowmobile socks that can wear and tear with a few uses? The durability of your socks is important to have comfortable snowmobiling without fear of the warmth losing its effectiveness over time.

Padded snowmobile socks can be durable and give a snug fit. I am sure they can make you feel comfy. Look for the material which makes up the socks. 

Heated Socks

Heated socks come with a heating panel that can be located across the length of the sock, at the toes, or the heel to provide warmth and to maintain the temperature of your feet when the weather is cold.

It connects to a battery to provide heat as needed. And the whole construction is waterproof and water-resistant, so your socks stay functional even if they get damp due to sweat. 

The electric thermal insulated, heated socks run on rechargeable batteries and can help improve blood circulation and relieve toe stiffness caused by cold weather. The heating temperature goes up to 125 degrees and can be controlled with three adjustable settings. I am so sure they can be a great option for snowmobiling as you need not worry about the material and the thickness.


The comfort snowmobile socks can provide depends on the warmth and the fitting. They must give a snug fitting but not be too tight after wearing your boots.

Too tight footwear during snowmobiling can cause discomfort and hamper blood circulation. This can be harmful to your health also. Too loose socks can be a waste as the warmth it provides may not be effective.

So choose snowmobile socks that provide maximum comfort while snowmobiling.

Final Words

Snowmobiling can be a tough winter adventurous sport if you are not protected from head to toe.

It can eventually ruin your enjoyment of a full day outside in the snowy weather.

Choosing warm socks like snowmobile or alpaca socks should be preferred when going to winter activities.

We hope that this article helps you find the best one for you.

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