What to do if your snowmobile gets stuck in the deep snow?

You can easily get stuck in deep snow and can be an ordinary happening for avid snowmobilers. It usually is not an emergency.

But, it can be if you’re riding alone and can be a real task while trying to get the snowmobile getting unstuck and might cause injury.

Your heavy snowmobile can easily get stuck and sink if the snow is light, loose, or deep powder. You should keep your engine RPM’s and power high enough in these snow conditions to maintain the proper momentum, but be sure not to overpower the machine; it can cause the snowmobile’s track to spin out and can result in you getting stuck.

Can snowmobile get stuck

It can sometimes be more effective and efficient in the loose snow to lightly ‘feather’ the device controlling the flow of fuel or power to an engine rather than trying to overpower with the device control.

When you ride in deep or loose snow, make sure not to park or stop on pointed uphill or without a clear, compacted path in front of you. It might be helpful first to drive the snowmobile in a small circle and then stop in your track or someone else’s snowmobile track to help avoid becoming stuck after stopping.

When you have lost the momentum and are stuck, let go on the device controlling the fuel to an engine versus continuing to rev the engine, since doing this will often cause your machine to get even more sunk further in the snow.

Be cautious while assessing your situation or while trying to move the snowmobile by yourself. If you’re on flat terrain, you should wait for the other riders in the group to come and assist you.

If you have got stuck on a steep hillside, it might be unsafe for others to come up on the slope with you.

You should accept the fact that you’re stuck and immediately stop the engine. Don’t run the engine, it will only dig the snowmobile in deeper. There can be different methods in order to pull out the machine.

Another thing that you need to understand that if your snowmobile gets stuck in the snow, then you have to do something. In that condition, your boots should be waterproof, otherwise, while trying unstuck your snowmobile, your feet can get wet. 

This article shares all the important information that you need to know before buying boots for snowmobiling

How to Un-Stuck Your Snowmobile

You can try one of these methods to pull out and free the machine.

  • Use a rope to pull the machine and get it out.
  • If the machine is facing uphill, try turning the skis to the side and pull the front end around so that it then faces downhill. Then drive in the forward direction.
  • You should tramp down the snow in front of the machine, rock the machine from one side to another, and then drive it in the forward direction.
  • Either dig the snow away from the front end suspension parts. Pack down the loose snow in front of the machine and on the other side of the track at the rear of the machine. Now lift the machine out of the hole and onto the compacted, then drive the snowmobile forward slowly.
  • If the snowmobiles are new, try packing the snow on the downhill and roll it over on top of the snow.

This video is also very helpful.

Getting your snowmobile stuck can be a common happening for avid riders. But, make sure to take proper and effective measures in order to get the machine out.

You should also have a snowmobile GPS that gives you the exact location, in case, you have to call officials to save you. 

Be sure not to try getting the snowmobile out alone as it can cause damage.

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