Best Snowmobile Suits for Men & Women

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After testing several monosuits for snowmobiling, we concluded that the Klim Railside Monosuit is the best suit for snowmobiling. The Klim Lochsa One Piece Suit is better than the Railside suit in many terms, but still, we didn’t pick it as the best one because we feel that this suit is overpriced.

However, the 509 Ether Monosuit provides the best value for money. When we were testing this suit, we were satisfied with the quality, and insulation. Not only that, the price of this suit was also justified. For female riders, the Castle X Freedom Monosuit is the best one out there that will not break the bank because it’s not as expensive as Klim suits but gives you all the necessary features you need including the drop seat & good insulation.

Let’s take a look at our hand-picked options for you.

Our Top Picks

Best Snowmobile Suits

Best Snowmobile suits

Klim Lochsa Snowmobile Suit

Made for the most aggressive snowmobilers facing the most hostile environment and weather is the Klim Lochsa. It is one of the best men’s snowmobile suits out there and Klim’s improved unit guarantees to deliver durability and great breathability.

The entire suit made with GORE-TEX 3 Layer Pro Shell guarantees to keep you dry all day from head to toe. This construction is 185% more durable than the previous generation for maximum durability and breathability.

One of the suit’s best feature for me is the new mountaineering grade 150d nylon outer fabric that keeps these extremely durable, lightweight and with great mobility.

Klim has developed its industry-first beacon harness system. It is constructed to keep the beacon tethered to your body for a quick response time during an avalanche for its safety system.

Another great feature Klim has to be proud about is the vent system on this. Boasting a n amazing set of eight different vents, placed strategically for the best air flow and ventilation to control body heat during snowmobiling.

They also come with adjustable hood and cuffs, reinforced hem and inner boot panel, redefined knee pad coverage, adjustable waist, inner mesh pockets, and removable suspenders making them versatile and customizable in many ways according to your needs.

These come in some of the sickest looking design and color combination. Although you might find that the design on this suit might be a little bulky for you if you prefer a more athletic fit for a trendier look, but it works for great layering underneath as they don’t come insulated.


  • Extreme durability
  • 100% waterproof and windproof
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Lightweight and good mobility


  • Might look too big and loose
  • Expensive
  • Lack of insulating layer

Castle X Freedom Monosuit

If you’re looking for a good monosuit that you can use for on and off-trail riding conditions, check out Castle X Freedom. The grey and black color way looks especially good.

The suit is constructed with high-performance nylon and polyester shell that makes the material breathable while keeping them waterproof and windproof. They come with Ven-Tex shell materials and seam-sealed DWR outer surface treatment to repel moisture for added waterproofing.

These are backpack-friendly with the Ventec Ventilation System that block snow while giving efficient ventilation throughout the suit to regulate body heat while snowmobiling.

The removable inner suspender system distributes the weight throughout the monosuit to greatly add to the comfort of the suit. Along with these, the monosuit also features internal hand gaiters, pre-curved arms and knees, reinforced seat, and memory foam padded knees to give extra comfort and give you the best snowmobiling experience.

Like most snowmobiling monosuits, the design on this is perfect for layering underneath but can be voluminous for some.


  • Versatile snowmobile suit
  • Breathable and waterproof
  • Removable inner suspenders
  • Reinforced seat and padded knees for extra protection
  • More affordable than the Klim Lochas


  • Not insulated
  • Voluminous looking

KLIM Ripsa

The Klim Ripsa is one of the best suits for snowmobiling designed to offer outstanding mobility. If your main concern is mobility, this master of mobility monosuit is focused on addressing that particular problem.

In a choice between the Klim Ripsa and Lochsa, I went for the ripsas as they came with more mobility even as a full Gore-Tex Built. If you’re like me and need your mobility for your rides over the extreme sturdiness of the Lorchas, definitely go for these ones instead.

Like all Klim, they offer great durability and breathability while offering a ventilation system with the laminated Gore-Tex Performance shell. Waterproofing and durability with these are a 1005 gaurantee. These Suits have never gotten wet and uncomfortable in my experience.

Ripsa has a removable adjustable Gore-Tex hood, removable suspenders, durable overlays on knees and inner boot panels, and 3M Scotchlite reflective materials on the outer shell making them extremely versatile on the snow.

Featuring microfleece collar, taffeta lining, Velcro closures on the wrist, and boot gaiter, Ripsas are some of the best Snomobile suits and at a great price!

However, Compared to it’s counterpart, the Ripsa offers less ventilation system.


  • Durable and extremely mobile
  • Waterproof and warm
  • Full Gore-Tex layer
  • Affordable snowmobile suit
  • Liner inside


  • Less sturdy than Lochas
  • Fewer ventilation systems

FXR Women’s Ranger Monosuit

One of the best snowmobile suits for women is the insulated ladies’ suit for snowmobiling by FXR is the Ranger Instinct perfect for winter weather rides.

They come with great mobility and durability with the Omni-Stretch nylon shell construction. Great ACMT seam-sealed lining system and integrated venting for breathability and waterproofing for all-day snowmobiling.

The best tings about these are the insulation system of 120-gram FXR Thermal Flex guaranteed to keep you warm. Coming in with some of the best vent system on women’s snowmobile suits, it has a snowproof and moisture-resistant vent system on the chest, bicep, side body, and legs.

It is available in five different colors with an overall feminine design. It also has an adjustable suspender system however it is not removable so take note of it if you don’t prefer using suspenders in your monosuit.


  • Water sealed zipper
  • Great ventilation
  • Internal suspension for comfort
  • Sealed seams
  • Extremely waterproof and windproof


  • Fits loose
  • Non-removable suspenders

509 Allied Monosuit Shell

509 designed the Allied monosuit more aggressively and technology-packed to offer the best snowmobile monosuit. This monosuit is perfect for girls who seek the ultimate protection and mobility while snowmobiling. The designs of these suits look really unique and fashionable.

The monosuit is made with fully seam-taped 5TECH waterproof and breathable fabric combined with burly Cordura 300D polyester materials which provide durability and breathability. Again, like all of the best snowmobile suits, it is also equipped durable waterproofing with the industry-leading hydrophobic fabric surface.

Braethability is also another great feature on this jacket. You get three sets of vents—inseam, outseam, and underarm located in the armpit, side vent, and thigh for a great ventilation system to regulate body heat in those key areas.

Its aggressive design can be a little heavy and voluminous but with layering underneath, they look good and fit perfectly.


  • Great durability and mobility
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Affordable
  • Great and unique designs


  • Voluminous and needs layering
  • Might need more vents according to the level of activity

How to Choose the Best Snowmobile Suits

Snowmobile Monosuits

Insulation and Ventilation

One of the most important features to look for in your snowmobile suit is the thickness of the insulation and ventilation technology used. In other words, you need a suit that can keep you dry and warm no matter the temperature outside or your activity.

If you intend to engage in high-adrenaline activities, you will require highly breathable jackets. You will otherwise be at risk of developing hypothermia whenever the moisture and sweat get trapped within the jacket or just plain feel thoroughly uncomfortable and leave chances of developing odour.


One of the important things to know before buying the right snowmobile suit is to choose one based on the purpose you are buying for. This will help reduce the different possibilities that are available to pick from.

A rider that does not spend much time or is only snowmobiling as a recreational activity will not require a high-end suit that costs a lot. A simple suit with proper insulation and weatherproof characteristics will suffice.

An avid snowmobile rider who loves moving around when the temperatures are freezing cold outside will need better layers of clothing. So, a suit with proper insulation made of weatherproof material and more will be required based on the requirements.


It is important for a snowmobile suit to provide proper insulation from extreme weather conditions like freezing temperatures and high-speed winds. So, choose a material that prevents water and snow from entering the inner layers of clothing.

Go for Acrylic, Gore-Tex, or any synthetic material that provides good insulation and waterproofing.

Based on the outer shell, the suits are divided into hard shells and soft shells. Hard shells offer excellent wind and water resistance while providing less breathability. Softshells, on the other hand, offer better breathability but the weather resistance is low. In this case, the hard shell is a better fit to keep you warm and dry from outer elements.

Best snowmobiling suits for men and women

Size and Fit

Always measure yourself and compare with the manufacturer’s size guide before you order online as the size and fit of your suit will determine how comfortable you are and how long your gear can last.

If you still have doubts about the size, you can go through a few online snowmobile suit reviews and read the customer’s opinion on the snowmobile suits.

It is very important for the suit to feel comfortable while wearing. Comfort includes both protection form the cold and moisture as well as how it feels on the skin. You can also opt for suits with some stretch and give to accommodate slight size differences and drive up the comfort.

insulated snowmobile monosuit for men

Additional Details

Other smaller details like the seams, zippers, pockets, etc. also contribute to the end product. Though these may seem like smaller aspects you can ignore, they play a big role in the overall experience, longevity, and feel of your suits.

Double-stitched seams indicate strength while a sealed seam signifies waterproof ability and keep an eye out for two-way zippers or waterproofed zipper areas. These small areas can significantly reduce the insulating and waterproofing of your jacket.

Just like snowmobiling pants, jackets, and snowmobile bibs, monosuits will also have pockets at different locations. Again, these pockets will come to serve various purposes and many well-placed pockets that are deep enough and with safety feature is the best way to go!

Fixed or detachable, hoods are mandatory to protect your head and neck area during rides and storms. I’d suggest detachable hoods that come with adjustable velcros or closures that offer the best option for warmth and versatility.

Additional features like boot and wrist gaiters, visibility techs, and suspenders on the inside give extra elevation to your suit.

Final Words

Snowmobile suits protect you from all the weather elements, are breathable, and still have some resistance to abrasion. You just need to ensure you find a good fit. These suits are good at providing a completely blocked-off environment so your body temperature is regulated effectively.

Snowmobiling suits come with different features which sometimes make it difficult to make the right choice. All you need to do is know your sport and the main features required. Go through the above-mentioned snowmobiling suits and you will definitely find your choice at the best price.

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