Best Snowmobile Suits in 2020: Monosuits for Men & Women

If you’re thinking about buying a one-piece snowmobile suit, then let me save you some time.

When it comes to the best snowmobile suits in 2020, the most preferred are Klim, 509, Castle X, and FXR.

But, what are the best suits for snowmobiling in 2020?

In this article, you’ll get to know some great options that you can choose from, and whatever suit you buy, you’ll not regret your decision.

Comparison of Top-Rated Snowmobile Suits

ProductOur RatingCurrent Price
Klim Lochsa One-Piece Snowmobile Suit9.8/10Check Price
Castle X Freedom Monosuit9.6/10Check Price
RefrigiWear Men's Extreme Cold Suit9.4/10Check Price
HMK Men's One Piece Suit9.3/10Check Price
RefrigiWear Insulated -50F Extreme Cold Suit9.3/10Check Price
Navy Blue IDF Snowsuit9.2/10Check Price
Carhartt Men's Arctic Suit9.0/10Check Price

Best Snowmobile Suits in 2020

Best Snowmobile suits

Castle X Freedom Monosuit Snowmobile Suit

This Multilayered Freedom snowmobiling monosuit for men features a hybrid polyester and nylon 3M Thinsulate outer shell along with a Durable Water Repellent coating. This coating is done along with Ven-Tex 2.0 lamination known for its exceptional waterproof, windproof and breathability properties.

On the inside is the moisture-wicking Comfort-Flow polyester mesh lining. This combination will guarantee you the warmth, optimum comfort and dryness while you are deep in the snow.

Durability and strength features on this suit include pre-curved knees and arms which is padded with memory foam for better comfort and safety in these injury-prone areas. Its collar lined with fleece comes with a secure shock cord adjuster which you can operate with your gloves on.

The cuffs and waist are adjustable with Velcro and the suspended system located on the interior is also adjustable and detachable too.

Pockets are the necessary addition and this comes with a lot of them. A left sleeve pocket detailed with goggle wipe, dual spandex storage pockets, zippered internal cap pocket, and oversized hand pockets to accommodate gloves. All the zippers that also includes the two-way zipper at the front are waterproof.

If you want a choice that is been vetted by the buyers, this will be the right option for you. This product has a fleece-lined collar which assures to keep you cozy.

RefrigiWear Men’s Iron-Tuff Insulated Coveralls with Hood

The Iron-Tuff adult suit is the most recommended snowmobiling monosuit coverall for providing full-body coverage and the maximum protection from harsh elements. This suit comes with insulated oversized pockets, storm flaps over all the zippers, and a nylon outer shell to guard against the abrasions or tears.

Locking out the water and the wind, this product is rated to 50 degrees F to protect you in most of the cold environments. It features 11.25 oz RefrigiFill insulation, heavy-duty knit cuffs, heel reinforcement patches, sewn-on fleece-lined hood with knit wind seal, zipper sleeve pocket with pencil stall, 2oversized insulation with front pockets and chest pocket, reinforced brass rivets at stress points, tear and abrasion-resistant 420 denier nylon outer shell.

Whatever conditions you face, this warmest snowmobile suit will provide you protection to the whole body with a comfort rating. These hooded coveralls will ensure to keep you warm from head to foot so you can focus on what matters.

As a plus, this model is breathable and well-ventilated so you do not feel uncomfortable while wearing for a longer period of time. This quality jacket is designed to provide you complete water and weatherproof protection.

HMK Men’s Special One-Piece Suit 2

The XR-Gold level weatherproof technology that features waterproofing applied to the Cascade Ballistic fabric is the most important aspect which makes this men’s snowmobile suit a must-buy!

Having maximum breathability with pores on the XR membrane which is 60 times larger than water vapor molecules to let out perspiration, the Teflon DWR Polymer treatment allows the beads of water to roll off the shell rather than soak in. It also has fully taped seams and Aquaguard waterproof zippers.

It is constructed with durable cascade ballistic fabric. This is a good abrasion resistor lined with brushed mesh. For ventilation, this special one-piece snowmobile suit features an underarm zipper.

A worthwhile addition to this piece is a fully articulated hood that is detachable for enhanced warmth in the harsh weather conditions. If you are looking for comfort, warmth and ventilation this suit will exceed your expectations as it is designed with all the must-have features at the minimal cost.

Refrigiwear Men’s Iron-Tuff Insulated Coveralls

The coverall protects the body with the maximum protection from all the harsh elements. The coverall comes with insulated oversized pockets, a nylon outer shell, storm flaps over all the zippers to guard against tears or abrasions.

Ample storage and hand warmth with 2 oversized, insulated front pockets and also suitable chest pocket for extra storage.

Locking out the water and wind, this product is rated to -50 degree F to protect you in the cold weather conditions. This suit protects you with supreme durability, complete protection, etc and the Iron-Tuff Coveralls provide you overall warmth in one tough garment.

Something is very sure that this product is the best and you will definitely not find such tough, long-lasting coveralls that cover down to -50 degree F. This product is proved itself in the cold for more than 65 years.

This suit is well-suited in the extreme cold weather conditions as it provides full-body coverage and the maximum protection from all the harsh elements. It is highly durable for many years of use with the tear-and-abrasion-resistant outer shell, bound seams, reinforced brass rivets, heel reinforcement patches to protect the area around the boot heels. Hence, purchasing this product will surely go of no loss.

HAGOR Navy Blue IDF Snowsuit

This is the best IDF Coverall by HAGOR for the sub-zero temperatures. Designed with an outer shell lined with synthetic fur filled and hollow synthetic fabric. This is also rated water-repellent.

The zipper is made of a water-resistant cloth, synthetic fur and is filled with hollow synthetic fibers. This two-sided zipper at the front makes it easy to open and close from either ends and also as half-length side zippers for better ventilation.

It is one of the very few coveralls with a fixed hood. This is the most-loved product by most of the snowmobilers as it is a comfortable wear. Also, the jacket is very lightweight and hence, you will enjoy the maximum freedom of flexibility and movement while wearing it.

Overall, it is quality built-in line with IDF Israeli Army standards and also withstands cold winter winds very well. HAGOR also has some fantastic women’s snowmobile monosuits one piece but this is their unisex suit.

Unlike other models on the market, you can purchase this product in eight different sizes and according to most of the customers, this fits true to size.

Hagor Unisex Navy Blue Snowsuit

This snowmobiling suit is made according to the IDF standards for the Israeli army with a reflector bar especially during the night. This monosuit is for both men and women. It retains body temperature in the extreme cold weather and is designed especially for snowstorm and cold strong winds.

These jackets are the most versatile and can be used in a variety of riding situations. It has a combination of warm insulation and ample venting. As such, it allows the rider to adjust his own microclimate with one piece of gear and to be accommodating in a wide variety of snowy weather conditions.

This jacket is designed to be lighter and has additional stretch materials added for better comfort. No doubt, this is also one of the best snowmobile jackets in this year purchased by most of the snowmobilers.

This suit is great for active riding, on the backcountry trails and more by keeping you warm and dry at all times. This is available in eight different sizes and as per the customer’s feedback, all of these are true to size.

Carhartt Men’s Arctic Quilt Lined Yukon Coverall X06

This is a water-repellent heavy-duty 1000D nylon onesie that represents real toughness. Having quilt lining and polyester insulation on the inside, it is the top quality of men’s one-piece snowmobile suit designed for extremely cold weather conditions.

Its main seams are triple stitched for better strength. To accord your knees and seat utmost protection, these areas are designed to accommodate padding.

At the neck area is corduroy which is constructed with a top collar having snaps underneath in case you need to attach a hood. A pleated elbow provides your arms room to shift around and split back detailed with a bi-swing to allow free movement of the arm.

Other impressive features include multiple pockets; two upper chest pockets that are large enough to operate with gloves on, two hand pockets, two interior pockets, a sleeve pocket ideal for your pencils, one leg pocket, two back pockets and a hammer loop on each leg to store hammer and other tools.

Pockets use the zippers or the velcro to close so your items will not fall while you bend. The Carhartt Men’s Arctic Coverall is a great deal for the tools-guy in the deep snowy conditions. Having two-way leg zippers integrated with wind flaps and rib-knit storm cuffs, this is the most protective piece ever.

FXR Snowmobile Suit

How to Choose One-Piece Snowmobile Suits

Snowmobile Monosuits


One of the important things to know before buying the right snowmobile suit is to choose one based on the purpose it is used for. This will help reduce the different possibilities that are available to pick from.

A rider that does not spend much time or is only snowmobiling as a recreational activity will not require a high-end suit that costs a lot. A simple suit with proper insulation and weatherproof characteristics will suffice.

An avid snowmobile rider that loves moving around when the temperatures are freezing cold outside will need better layers of clothing. So, a suit with proper insulation made of weatherproof material and more will be required based on the requirements.


There are many clothing options that can be worn for winter and many of them look the same. But, only a few of them can keep you warm from freezing cold temperatures and high-speed winds when riding a snowmobile. So choosing the right design elements in the suit is very important. Some of the most important ones are the material, size, comfort, etc.


The material used to make the snowmobile suit is one of the most important things to look for when buying a suit. It is important for a snowmobile suit to provide proper insulations from extreme weather conditions like freezing temperatures and high-speed winds. So, choose a material that prevents water and snow from entering the inner layers of clothing.

Cotton is a very bad material to wear in any layer of the clothing, so avoid suits that have even a little bit of cotton in it. Acrylic, Gore-Tex or any synthetic material that provides good insulation and waterproofing is a good pick.

Existing materials used for making the suits often do not provide both breathability and protection so, it necessary to compromise between breathability and weather resistance and choose the best one. Based on the outer shell, the suits are divided into hard shells and soft shells.

Hard shells offer excellent wind and water resistance while providing little breathability. Softshells offer better breathability but the weather resistance is low. So, choose hard shells as perspiration will be low during snowmobiling.


It is very important for the suit to feel comfortable while wearing. Comfort includes both how protected the suit will keep the person from the cold and how it feels on the skin. As the suit is the shell, it is important that there is enough flexibility for the person to move around wearing the suit for comfortable riding.


The average cost of a good snowmobile suit is around $300. A cheap suit will not provide good protection from the cold temperatures and chilly winds. So, it is important not to switch to a lower quality product at a cheaper price.

As the suit will be a good investment that lasts for years, it is better to spend a little extra money to get a custom made suit or a high-end suit for avid snowmobile riders. For those who take it up as a recreational activity, a ski suit can be used if it has good weather resistance to protect against the chilly winds.


A good snowmobile suit will have reflective stickers and bright coloring to indicate that there is a person is present. This can be very important when riding in bad weather conditions with limited visibility and also during the night. So, pick a suit with bright colors and reflective stickers for better safety.


Snowmobile suits come in different types like a single piece suit that has zippers from the pant to the neck. This type offers good protection and prevents heat from escaping between the layers of the clothing. There are also two-piece suits with jackets and pants which are also effective in keeping the person warm.

Suits are specially designed for men, women, and youth differently and come in a variety sizes for each. So, pick a suit based on the gender and also the age for better fit and comfort while riding.

Gender Appropriate

Men’s snowmobile suits are different than the ones designed for women. From width and length to the overall fit, men’s jackets are usually looser and longer, while women’s jacket comes with a slim fit.

Best snowmobiling suits for men and women

Size and Fit

No matter you purchase branded Polaris snowmobile suits or the cheaper ones, the size of the product is critical. Before you order online, it is suggested to measure yourself and compare the results with the ones provided by the manufacturer’s sizing guide.

If you still have doubts about the size, you can go through a few online snowmobile suits reviews and read the customer’s opinion on the snowmobile suits.

Insulation and Ventilation

A few important features to look for in your snowmobile suits are the thickness of the insulation and ventilation technology used. In other words, you need to protect yourself dry and warm at the same time, no matter how the temperature is outside or how active you are.


Having a collar takes care of your neck and most of the suits have it lined with fleece and an adjuster to keep you warm all through.


Fixed or detachable, hoods are mandatory. Detachable hoods come in different closures including zipper, snap or velcro closure.


If you intend to engage in high-adrenaline activities, you will require highly breathable jackets. You will otherwise be at risk of developing hypothermia whenever the moisture and sweat get trapped within the jacket.

Internal Suspender

A few suits will have suspenders. Purchase suits that have internal suspender as this holds the suit’s waist in place for it to fit well and comfortably.


Just like snowmobiling pants, jackets, and bibs, monosuits will also have pockets at different locations. Again, these pockets will be designed differently depending on the utility. For instance, a cell phone pocket will have a meshed lining to make it waterproof while the hand pockets will be lined with warm fabric.

Boot and Wrist gaiters

Gaiters protect your feet from snow, debris, and rainwater while insulating your feet and hands. They come with loops that pass under your snowmobiling boots to secure insulation. Your suit should help your warm snowmobile gloves to protect your hands from cold weather.


The best one-piece snowmobile suit is constructed with waterproof, breathable and windproof fabric. It comes in two or three layers; an outer shell with lamination for some, an inner lining and also insulation. Polyester, Gore-Tex and Polyurethane are some common outer shell fabrics. While it comes to insulation, few have them separate while others have it built in the suit. Hence choose accordingly.


Double-Stitched seams indicate strength while a sealed seam signifies the waterproof ability. A few suits will have only the critical seams sealed. Hence, purchase accordingly.


Look for a two-way zipping feature. Aquaguard zippers are rated waterproof. Also, make sure to check they are durable and tough like the YKK zippers.

Final Words

Snowmobile suits protect yourself from all the weather elements, be breathable and still have some resistance to abrasion. You just need to ensure you find a good fit. These suits are good at providing a complete blocked off environment so your body temperature is regulated effectively.

Snowmobiling suits come with different features which sometimes make it difficult to make the right choice. All you need to do is know your sport and the main features required. Go through the above-mentioned snowmobiling suits and you will definitely find your choice at the best price.

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