Top Brands That Sell Snowmobile Suits

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Last year, I remember I was frantically searching for a new snowmobile suit to replace my old one (it was damaged beyond repair). I asked many experienced riders for their opinions and went around stores asking for their best products. But nothing seemed to ring true until I did my research on various brands that sold snowmobile gear.

By comparing the features offered by each, I was able to make my choice. In this article, we have tried to list the top brands manufacturing snowmobile suits and their features.

Importance of A Proper Snowmobile Suit

While riding a snowmobile in the chilly snowy weather can often be an idea of fun, it might also lead to some problems if you are not careful enough. And one of the best ways to stay careful is by owning that properly featured snowmobile suit. 

  • Your snowmobile suit can be your best or worst set of defense against the cold so the necessity of a warm snowmobile suit is needless to be emphasized.
  • You might be prone to sudden bouts of snowfall while riding and thus your snowmobile suit should be waterproof and snowproof as well.
  • Since these rides can get longer, you also require your snowmobile suits to be comfortable enough.

So before purchasing a snowmobile suit you should always try and keep in mind these features. Here are some of the top brands that sell snowmobile suits.

Brands Manufacturing Snowmobile Suits


Klim Snwomobille suits
Source: Instagram

Klim snowmobile jackets are guaranteed to keep you dry and have 3M Thinsulate insulation. It sports a reflective material and comes with biomotion recognition, doable overlays at shoulders and elbows, a system of water drainage, a double-headed front zipper, two hand pockets, and a headphone port. For additional comfort, it comes with an adjustable collar, cuffs, and bottom hem!


509 Snwomobille suits
Soure: Instagram

509 snowmobile suit shell is known for its lightweight and less bulkiness. It is flatter and has dryer seams. It has polyester reinforcement that increases the durability up a notch. 

It comes with knee pads that protect the knees as well as the suit from punctures. It has zips and boot gaiters for easy on and off boots. There are features of pockets to hold essentials!


FXr Snwomobille suits
Source: Instagram

FXR snowmobile monosuit is known for its insulation W/F.A.S.T COMBO HydraX coating. For durability, the HydrX coating has shell fabric in the knees, instep, and hem. It is lined with nylon taffeta

It has a 2-way front zipper, pocket zipper, and knee-high leg zipper. Also has a reflective removable hood. Has adjustable drop hems and storm cuffs making its use more convenient. 


Tobe Snwomobille suits
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While most snowmobile suits come separately for males and females TOBE designs unisex snowmobile suits. It is made from Cordura and reinforced with Kevlar which is great for rough riders. It has flexible venting options that help regulate temperature. 

Fly Racing

Fly Racing Snwomobille suits
Source: Instagram

Fly Racing snowmobile jackets are weatherproof with hydraguard tech and made from abrasion-resistant polyester shells. The thermal liner is removable with 140g of insulation. It also sports a breathable jacket membrane.


Polaris snowmobile monosuit is made of uninsulated waterproof TECH54 that keeps the moisture out. This suit has a breathable membrane that helps escape unnecessary moisture off the body while the venting in the leg and back area keeps the rider cool. It provides additional protection to your neck from the chills as it has a removable hood. It protects the rider from snow as it has interior snow skirts and hand gaiters.


DSG Snwomobille suits
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DSG snowmobile suit is known for its Thinsulate insulation. It has a polyester shell with a breathable coating which makes it more durable. It also has interior snow skirts that help keep snow out. It has lots of storage with several pockets.

Final Words

So these are seven of the top brands that manufacture snowmobiles with desirable features. With this, we hope this article was helping you in choosing the right snowmobile suit as per your requirements. 

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