Snowmobile Tail Lights | How to Choose Good Tail Lights

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Isn’t it amazing to ride a snowmobile in the evening enjoying the sight of the sun setting down?

The thrill of riding a snowmobile under the stars with a soft breeze blowing on to your face is a mesmerizing experience.

However, riding a snowmobile at night or during a storm can be dangerous as the visibility becomes partial. This may lead to a lot of accidents causing life loss at the stake of adventure and enjoyment. To avoid such circumstances, many companies have come forward with the idea of using tail lights in the snowmobile.

What are Tail Lights?

After listening to the term, we can presume that these are some kind of lights that are designed to be located at the tail or the backside of a machine.

The taillights are red light, which is positioned at the back of a car, truck, bicycle, motorcycle, etc. and gets activated when the headlights in the front are turned on. They are designed to be active only in dim light conditions and night time. They are not as bright as the brake lights since they only shine at night time or during heavy rainfalls.

They are placed in the rear end of the snowmobile which faces backward. In order to amplify the light to allow them to appear brighter and larger, they have reflective material inside of them. The taillights are also called “anti-collision lights”.

They are of different types and come in different shapes: tall lights, helmet lights, sidelights, even boots taillight.

The main purpose of the taillights in snowmobile is to prevent rear-end shunts and major life-threatening accidents.

Are taillights Required for Snowmobiles?

The taillights not only provides you with a cool look but also have a safety purpose.

The snowmobile has been associated with the highest rate of accidents of any popular winter sports. Due to the increase in the popularity of snowmobiling along with their speed and size, youngsters have become the prey of many serious accidents and injuries.

Therefore, in order to decrease the number of accidents, many safety factors have been assigned while riding snowmobiles.

Since the vision is poor at nighttime or during heavy rainfall, taillights play a pivotal role to illume the snowmobile ahead of you. They help you to get an estimate of the distance and the speed of the snowmobile ahead of you.

Do you know why a snowmobile has two taillights?

Now imagine a snowmobile approaching you with a single light, will you be able to estimate it’s distance or speed? No, it’s challenging to understand if you don’t know the size of the object. The two taillights provide our eyes with a “width” which gives a fair estimate about how far apart you actually are.

Taillights also help you to stand out on a track.

How to Purchase Taillights for a Snowmobile?

There are generally four most important things to consider before buying a taillight for a snowmobile.

There are many types of taillights and are classified based on different aspects; SHAPE(rectangular, bars, oval, square) TECHNOLOGY(incandescent bulb, LED light, Laser) FUNCTIONALITY(stoplight, turn signal, tail light)

There are a variety of taillights available in the market, and mostly all are universal and can fit into most of the snowmobiles. Generally, all the universal taillights are water-proof, but still, you should always check before buying any.

Since taillights have a safety aspect to them, as they allow you as well as the other snowmobile driver to see during stormy weather, so it is very much essential for you to choose a taillight keeping in view the safety of you and the other fellow riders.

These are few factors listed below to consider before buying a snowmobile taillight:

Types of Bulbs

“LED lights” have become a popular choice for taillights. These LED taillights consume less amount of energy than the traditional incandescent lights and can also last longer.

Halogen lights are the second most preferred taillight by snowmobile users due to their standardization.

Xenon lights are the third most preferred taillights as they are strong, bright, durable, and have a strong intensity than other lights. An electric arc is being used by these lights rather than a filament as the taillights get activated only when the headlight is turned on. Thus this helps for the smooth functioning of the snowmobile. This feature can be advanced by adding automatic lights to the machine. This will allow the taillights to stay activated all the time when the vehicle is running.

Color of Taillight

You can also choose the color of your taillight according to your need and fondness. However, there a lot of countries that have restricted the color of taillight to be red as it is a sign of danger and also it has the longest wavelength. Therefore, you should research and know about the rules in your state.


The taillights must have a long-lasting life and are highly durable so that you can have all your fun without worrying about the taillights. Most of the reputed companies with a big brand name produce durable and trustworthy taillights.


This is the most critical aspect to be considered before buying a snowmobile taillight. The taillight needs to be bright and substantial to prevent any accidents in the near future. It is so because it helps the driver to have a clear picture of the location of the snowmobile ahead of it and avoid any mishappening during the nighttime and heavy storms when the vision is poor.

There are a lot of options in the market. Still, among them, you will have to find the one which suits you and your requirements- a compact, charming, water-proof, bright, or value for money for your adventure to be memorable without any hassle to you as well to fellow riders.

Needless to say, rear-end shoves quite severe, so it’s quite sensible of you to choose the best taillight considering your as well as other’s safekeeping. The taillight doesn’t need to illuminate the route; it just needs to be spotted by other fellow drivers. Thus, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on the taillights as a twenty lumen is “a reasonable starting point.”

Final Words

Now, you know everything about a snowmobile taillight, so go ahead without any hesitation and buy a perfect taillight suiting you, your personality, and the snowmobile.

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