Best Snowmobile Tow Strap in 2023

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Much as the experience of riding a snowmobile through icy terrains is exciting and adventurous; you never know when your snowmobile will get stuck in deep snow or abruptly stop working in the middle of nowhere.

This is when a snowmobile tow strap comes in handy. Just like how you carry a spare tire for your vehicle when you head out, a tow rope for snowmobile will help you tow your snowmobile out of any tricky spot.

You can safely tow your dead snowmobile using a tow strap and recover it from any other possible complex situation.

Best Snowmobile Tow Straps in 2022

The Best Tow Rope for Snowmobile is mentioned below which you need to look at while making your selection. These come with all the features that you would desire in a strap, including durability, strength, and ease of use.

best snowmobile tow straps

Steadymate 15543 Snowmobile Tow Strap

The Steadymate 15543 is one of the best snowmobile recovery straps out there, cleverly designed to pull your snowmobiles out of the deep snow safely.

The strap measures 1 inch wide and 15 feet long and is made with highly durable materials to meet all your demanding recovering situations. The long strap also gives you enough space to tow your snowmobile at a safe distance.

Another thing is the well-thought-out webbing design that is significant in aiding the secure recovery of your snowmobile and the durability of the tow rope. This snowmobile tow strap comes with spring-loaded snap hook ends that lock into durable steel D-rings to make sure it stays locked into your snowmobile while using it. The last thing you’d expect is for the strap to come off while pulling your snowmobile out of the thick snow.

An additional benefit of this snowmobile tow strap is the soft loop design that protects the paint and chrome of the snowmobile to prevent any unwanted scratches and scrapes while towing.

The Steadymate 15543 is DOT-regulated and compliance-tagged certified making them safe to use for servicing. This strap can be used for snowmobiles or other vehicles weighing up to 835 lb. to accommodate most snowmobile models.

Extreme Max 5001.5028 Heavy-Duty Snowmobile Tow Strap

As the name states, this heavy-duty snowmobile tow strap has a working load limit of 1450 lbs. and a brake capacity of 4400 lbs. It is a highly durable and heavy-duty tow strap capable of saving your disabled vehicle no matter its size. Regardless of your position and snow depth, when it comes to pulling sled, Extreme Max will be your best buddy.

I was able to tow my wife’s Polaris 600 using these straps. The straps are made of a Nylon webbing blend giving it strength and resistance against wearing and stretching and making the sled recovery safe and easy. Along with this, the 15-foot-long recovery strap also ensured that our snowmobiles were not colliding with each other.

This durable material was also resistant to extremely cold weather. The snap hooks at the end are also corrosion-resistant making these tow straps perfect to use even in a freezing environment. One of the best investments for snowmobile tow strap.

The Extreme Max 5001.5028 has a compact “Easy Stow / Easy Tow” design that lets you easily store and carry the strap now for towing and recovering later.

JCHL Nylon Tow Strap

The extra heavy-duty JCHL tow strap is made with high-strength Polyester inhibiting a break strength capacity of 20,000 lbs. You can pretty much tow just about anything with this tow strap from your snowmobiles to your ATVs. The high capacity of the tow strap guarantees the efficient recovery of your stuck snowmobiles plunged in the snow.

The tow strap is 3 inches wide and 20 feet long to accommodate all your towing needs. It also has two forged safety hooks with retaining clips that are zinc-coated offering three times more corrosion resistance making it highly durable and reliable to use in cold weather.

It ensures that the tow strap is securely in place so it doesn’t come off and slip from the mounts while towing your heavy snowmobiles. However, the metal hooks may cause abrasion or indents on your snowmobile.

Thanks to its high capacity and high-strength material, the JCHL tow strap is pretty much invincible as it is resistant to breaking, tearing, and stretching and can even withstand harsh freezing temperatures so it can last for a long time.

Rather than a tow rope for sledding, this stands as a multipurpose option for much heavier machines like jeeps, and trucks.

Neiko 51008A Heavy Duty Tow Strap

The Neiko 51008A is made with premium polyester webbing construction that allows for heavy-duty pulling and towing and provides strong and consistent pulling force so even if your snowmobile is stuck in the deep snow, this tow strap can help you recover it in no time.

It has a 10,000-pound break strength capacity to give you peace of mind knowing that this strap can tow and recover your snowmobile safely and securely. The strap measures 30 inches long and with this length, it can give you sufficient room to tow your snowmobiles in hard-to-reach places.

It has heavy-duty snap-on safety hooks to keep the strap tightly in place while towing. Along with this construction are the classic woven pattern straps that contribute to the overall strength and durability of the straps, and maximum longevity of the product. The edges are also designed to prevent abrasion and to protect your snowmobiles from scratches.

The polyester material of the Neiko 51008A is also waterproof, snowproof, mildew resistant, and anti-ultraviolet making it safe enough to use in any type of weather. Like the JCHL, this is also a multipurpose tow strap and is not specifically used as a snowmobile tow strap for pulling a sled.

Difference between Ordinary Straps and Tow Straps?

The difference between the Tow Straps and the Recovery Straps has to do with how the manufacturer designed them. Some of the Straps have hooks instead of loops for the vehicles, some of them are retractable, and some of them use more chain than material.

The owner of the snowmobile has to choose the strap that has the correct length and weight capacity for what you are trying to tow. Bulldog Winch is the most popular tow strap due to its 10,000-lb working load limit and the 30-foot length of the strap. The Erickson Tow Strap is also another great choice that has a working load limit of 7,500 lbs.

The difference between the Snowmobile Tow Straps and the Ordinary Snowmobile Straps lies in the flexibility of the fabric used. Pulling, Towing, and recovering vehicles need a certain amount of flexibility and stretch, not only to prevent damage but also to facilitate in easing of the process.

Things to Consider Before Buying Tow Strap

While the essential traits of a snowmobile tow strap should lie around safety, there are more features that you should consider checking out. The first step is, however, to know the weight of your snowmobile or ATV.

The Weight Capacity of the Strap

The weight capacity of the tow strap refers to the amount of force necessary to stretch it to a breaking point. This is usually measured in pounds, the weight capacity of your tow strap should be more than the weight of your snowmobile or ATV. Keep in mind that cold or wet weather conditions may affect some materials, and most often, your snowmobile may get stuck in such situations. Hence, get a strap made of weather-resistant material that can withstand wet and freezing conditions.

best snowmobile tow strap if it's stuck


More stitches in the strap only weaken it and reduce its strength. Check if the stitches of the strap you select are on the loop that joins the webbing attached to the metal hook. To minimize the effect of the stitches on the strap, it should be sewn on protective padding and not directly on the strap.

Material Construction

Nylon is the favored material used in making tow straps. This is due to their high strength and elasticity. Other elements include Dacron which also comes with remarkable flexibility and strength.

Attachment Mechanism

More straps use metal loops or hooks to attach the strap to the ATV or snowmobile. Just like the straps, connectors are also regularly exposed to wear and tear, mainly due to tension. This is why a strong attachment mechanism in addition to the sturdy padding made of durable materials such as neoprene that has high resistance to abrasion is a necessity for pulling your sled.

Length and Width of the Tow Strap

Greater-width strap tends to have a lot of strength and reduced elasticity. Length, on the other hand, will affect the distribution of pressure and is primarily determined by the weight rating of the snowmobile. Make sure that you get the right balance of length, strength, and elasticity while choosing a tow strap.

Ease of Use and Installation

For a secure grip, you will need a durable light portable ATV tow strap. You will ideally need straps with ample room on the loops to enable them to be attached to the equipment, boulders, tied around trees, and such objects during towing. You should be able to fix D-ring shackles to your loops with ease.


It would help if you considered a bright-colored tow strap to enhance visibility. This is primarily during the night or in extreme weather when the visibility is poor. Colors like yellow, bright green, and orange make good options.

Storage Capacity

A few ATV straps are compact, and this can fit in well within the snowmobile toolbox. As such, it makes it easy to move without worrying about your travel arrangements. Does the strap you have chosen come with a bag for secure storage when not in use or storage straps that you can use to secure it when folded?

Final Words

Tow straps are meant to be helpful when you face an unexpected situation. However, you can totally avoid these by following the safety tips when you go snowmobiling.

The tow straps should be durable, of a perfect length to provide a safe pulling distance, and also the right weight capability. A versatile tow strap with hooks on both ends will come in handy. Such a strap will not only hook to the snow vehicle but will also be fastened to a tree, boulder, stump, or any other heavy objects in the process of rescuing a vehicle that gets stuck.

All of the mentioned snowmobile tow straps are built to perfection and even DOT-regulated to ensure extra safety. And lastly, choosing the right tow strap ultimately depends on you and your requirements and should be chosen as per your preference!

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