Best Open and Enclosed Snowmobile Trailers in 2021

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All snowmobilers know the importance of a quality trailer for the protection and ease of transport of their snowmobiles. They need this when they want to haul the vehicle through snow-covered mountains or extremely wintery terrains.

In recent years, the search for steadfast trailers has gained significant momentum. While everyone wants to buy the best snowmobile trailers, only a few know how to do it.

There are numerous factors to consider before one chooses a suitable trailer for themselves. Even though that’s an individual choice, here is an updated list of 2021’s best snowmobile trailers (open & enclosed) to make that process a little easier for you.

Best Open and Enclosed Snowmobile Trailers in 2021

2021 Aluma 8616/13 Aluminum Snowmobile Trailer

Alumna offers some of the best snowmobile trailers in a wide range of models and sizes.

The 2021 Aluma 8616/13 was an obvious inclusion to the list, and here’s why.

An open 3 place snowmobile trailer, this one has a very sturdy aluminum construction with a swivel tongue jack and safety chains to boosts its protection and dependency.

It already comes with an installed salt shield that provides maximum protection to your trailer and offers easy folding-unfolding of your vehicle.

It has an overall length of 16′ 0″ and a width of 8′ 6,” which is further accompanied by a pair of 2200lb rubber torsion axles with brakes.

These axels provide a smoother, quieter ride along with excellent reliability.

The trailer has 13” steel wheels, and 3 Ski Hold Down bars along with a rear ramp opening door.

It further comes with a detachable aluminum ramp with storage underneath which makes it light and easy to handle.

Top-grade material, including Marine Tech Plywood Floor, has been installed to make sure you get the best experience.

Along with this, it also has LED lighting installed to give you proper visibility and keep you safe.

And in the end, to expand your trust, they also provide you with a 5-year comprehensive warranty in case you are unsatisfied with your purchase.

2021 Haulmark ALX 8.5X28 Enclosed Aluminum Snow Trailer

Yet another contender for 2021, Haulmark ALX employs inventive designs to deliver quality trailers.

Unlike the last one, this is an enclosed snowmobile trailer, which has a lot to offer.

This trailer has a mid-deck style with drive-over fenders along with white vinyl walls and ceiling.

Furthermore, it has textured poly bead flooring and an ‘overlock’ aluminum design. This makes sure that your floor can handle the daily wear and tear without deterioration.

With an all-aluminum construction body, it has a length of 28′ 0″, a breadth of 8′ 6″, and a height of 6′ 6″.

It has a spring-supported rear ramp door for swift unloading and loading any type of snowmobile.

This trailer is furnished with 3500lb Torsion Axles and a ‘Bumper Pull’ hitch along with a 2-5/16” Coupler.

It has a payload capacity of 4020lbs and a GVWR (Gross vehicle weight rating) of 7000lbs. This trailer can genuinely handle the weight of the snowmobile you plan to carry.

With a screwless aluminum exterior and a seamless roof design, this trailer has a very supporting frame and excellent structural strength. 

It also comes with pre-installed LED lights and a 7-way plug with color-coded wires for additional pin availability.

No matter your hauling needs, these state-of-the-art features offered by Haulmark make sure that your valuables reach their destination safe and sound.

Triton Premium Enclosed Trailers (PR Series)

We can’t talk about snowmobile trailers and not mention Triton!

One of the leading marketers and makers of snowmobiles, Triton, also manufactures various types of snowmobiles trailers.

Currently, we are going to focus more on the premium enclosed trailers launched by Triton under the Prestige (PR) series.

Designed for multi-purpose towing, you can use these trailers all around the year to haul snowmobiles, motorbikes, and other gears.

The Prestige series includes ten different models with varied sizes and storage options to meet the discrete needs of their customers.

Despite the customization, all these trailers under Prestige have certain standard features that make them such a lucrative option.

Every enclosed Triton trailer has an all-aluminum design construction along with fully welded upper and lower frames with custom extrusions.

This gives the trailer a stable and long-lasting built, increasing its durability.

Another essential feature is the double-seal ramp doors installed in the trailer, which prevents any sort of leakage.

Besides this, the PR series also have optional electric breaks and four cord rubber torsion axle that makes it easy to maintain and maneuver across any terrain.

Along with aluminum wheels and flexible tie-down options, their ramp has a built-in transition for quick loading and unloading.

They are accessible in an assemblage of colors and have proven to be one of the most notable enclosed trailers available in the market.

Triton Premium Open Trailers (Elite Series)

Coming to the next category in Triton, Elite trailers are open snowmobile trailers that are designed to perform even in extreme conditions.

To begin with, of course, it has the ‘Triton factor’ difference lodged in it i.e. it’s a fully-welded box framed trailer made with a100% aluminum that provides a sturdy structure for extended durability.

There are four different trailer models under the Elite series with unique features and aesthetics that are most adaptable for snow and other multi-seasonal hauls.

Besides the tailor-made components of the models, I am going to list certain standard additional features that make them so accessible.

The Elite series have unabridged quick-slides installed in them that offer maximum versatility for securing snowmobiles and other similar vehicles.

Besides this, they have an unconstrained four rubber cord torsion axle that provides an unhindered and smooth ride.

They have also instated a fully-treated 5/8’’ marine grade plywood durable deck along with a wiring harness and sealed LED lights to fight and avoid corrosion caused by humidity and moisture.

The steel tie-down bars that are available in the trailers come with a vinyl dip finish along with stainless steel handles and boots at each end, which hold down the snowmobiles securely without any hassle.

There is no question that when you want to choose a lasting and performance-driven snowmobile trailer, then Triton is one brand you need to pay close attention to.

Triton Entry-LevelOpen Trailers (XT Trailers)

Another addition to our Triton Open Trailers, XT Series, is designed to suit your preferences while providing you multi-seasonal hauling options.

They have two models under the XT trailer series with offer distinctive components like carrying capacity, sizes and length, etc.

Besides that, some of the more standard features include the all-aluminum body with a fully-welded frame and torsion axel with four rubber cord suspensions for securely holding the sleds.

They not only provide an uncomplicated ride but also give a hard-wearing and resistant built to the trailer.

Triton trailers also have a 1/2″ adequately treated marine plywood durable deck stand that further makes it stout and imperishable for ensuring years of free use.

They also come with fixed position tie-downs with steel handles that firmly hold the snowmobiles without causing any slips.

Also, the XT series come with incandescent lights installed in them to resist corrosion and, at the same time, be sure that there is plenty of light available in the trailer.

In simpler words, XT provides a straightforward and uncomplicated solution for hauling snowmobiles.

Triton builds light, long-lasting, and easy-to-haul sturdy aluminum trailers that cater to the different needs of various customers.

Apart from this, they also provide several accessories for your trailer so that your experience can be further personalized for your benefit.

The PROLine 7.5′ Enclosed Aluminum Snowmobile Trailer

The last one on our list, PROLine, is a company that believes in quality and craftsmanship along with continual up-gradation.

The best example is the current trailer we are talking about; the 7.5′ enclosed aluminum trailer is a broader version of their flagship 7′ trailer.

This one is a little wide and sits lower to the ground as compared to the 7’ one; the extra width offers the snowmobilers more space to fit in gears or use as a multifunctional trailer.

Built-in an aerodynamic design with versatile uses, this one is available in 5 different sizes.

Some of the standard features commons between all the models include galvanized wheels and a pair of galvanized 3500lbs Dexter Torflex Axles along with EZ Lube Hubs (innovative hub design)

They come with both the front and rear ramp doors installed with spring assistance and snow slaps along with aluminum ramp door hinges to makes the process of loading and unloading seamless and quick.

Along with this, they provide with Ventline pop-up roof vent, which gives the snowmobiles and other gears a chance to breathe.

They are also loaded with various other features like the 7-way trailer plug, multiple interior and exterior LED lights, Ski tie-down bars, and Mount Jackstand.

All these pieces are tailored to meet the essential requirements of the snowmobilers.

These trailers are also available in 11 different colors, along with a two-tone combination to make them more personalized for you.

This trailer can be fairly customized as per your needs and is an excellent alternative for you to consider.

Final Words

Snowmobile trailers have a lot to offer with a wide variety of tailor-made features to fit every hauling requirement.

best open and enclosed trailer for snowmobile

And undoubtedly, these choices and options can sometimes make the process a little overwhelming.

However, there are some basic standard features you can’t compromise on. And therefore, it’s imperative to first understand your needs and then begin the search for the ideal trailer.

Remember, you are not only spending your money on the trailer. You’ll also be hauling your precious snowmobiles and other gears on this.

So please do the necessary homework before you make that final purchase.

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