Snowmobile Types: A Detailed Guide on Types of Snowmobiles

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It’s the peak of winters and you are watching a movie, and when you look at a cop chasing the fugitive on a snowmobile, you might have never thought that even these vehicles come in a variety of forms.

Snowmobiles vary from each other through different colors, measurements, features, and purposes. Listed in this article are the various types of snowmobiles. Find out which one is perfect for your adventure.

Different Types of Snowmobiles

Just as it’s the case with bicycles, you use a mountain bike while on trails as compared to a road bike while riding on a road. Different type of snowmobiles helps you fulfill discrete purposes.

Snowmobiles for touring

If you want to go fast, go solo, and if you wish to go farther, go together!

If you rather have a partner along and enjoy company while touring and going the long distance, then a  touring snowmobile is built just for you.

These come with an additional seat at the rear, with more than a few extra features! Depending on how much you are ready to spend on them, they come with a range of specialties such as; heated seats, side-mounted mirrors, reverse gear, GPS and communication systems, etc.

Perhaps the most noticeable and differentiating factor which sets them apart is their weight, length, and comfort. As compared to the other type, almost all touring snowmobiles are more substantial in weight and longer in length. This makes them the perfect partner for prolonged rides and long distances.

Snowmobiles for performance

types of snowmobiles

These snowmobile types are crafted especially for experienced riders and those who enjoy the adrenaline rush of going at high speed. Most commonly used by professional riders, these are equipped with powerful engines that disperses raw performance.

The highest speed recorded by a performance snowmobile stands at 277.13 km/h. And most of them come with at least 150 plus horsepower. Their lightweight frame and structure make them perfect for navigating tighter turns.

Another added feature that these come with is a heavy-duty suspension, which is built for intense use.

Snowmobiles for utility/day-to-day tasks

Furnished with a longer frame and a hitch for pulling a sled, these are the best fit for carrying out day-to-day activities. Their suspension is long-lasting and built for carrying out heavy-duty purposes.

Occasionally these are used for racing as well, but overall, they are built for hauling cargos. If you are planning to spend a considerable amount of time commuting on your machine with cargo attached to it, you cannot go wrong by purchasing a utility snowmobile.

Snowmobiles for trails

Never rode a snowmobile? Or tried it only a few times? Or feel like you are inexperienced?

If your answer to any of these questions were, “yes” then you should start by getting a snowmobile for trails. These are best for beginners and come with a small cooled-fan engine and a narrow frame.

Lightweight and easy to handle, but unlike utility snowmobiles, these are not built to tow huge loads of cargo. Nevertheless, we feel this is the best choice to have for novice riders.

Snowmobiles for mountains

Living in and around a mountain range and having to climb the slopes on a regular snowmobile is a daunting task. The person who designed this type of snowmobile understood that!

This snowmobile is the perfect type to own if you see yourself go up and down a mountain frequently. Its engine thrusts out high power, which allows the machine to climb mountains easily.

The sleek body is exemplary for making tight turns, and more extended lugs on their tracks improve traction on slopes. Though, these shouldn’t be your go-to option for riding on flat surfaces or racing for that matter.

Snowmobile for youth

2021 has been a challenging year for everyone. But if you are planning on taking your child out for an entertaining ride, you should consider getting them a snowmobile designed explicitly for them.

These are best suited for children above 8 years of age as well as for teenagers. It comes with a shorter frame, which provides more comfort and control to your child so that they can handle the machine productively.

This type of snowmobile also packs a few other safety features such as speed control, single-cylinder motor, limited horsepower, etc.

Snowmobiles for crossover/hybrid

These snowmobiles are the type that can be operated both on and off trails. They come with adequate power to take them off the trail. At the same time, they are well-equipped with a hybrid track with a medium-sized lug. It is longer than the ones which are generally found in touring or utility snowmobiles. This provides a crossover model with great traction and energy for going on the trail as well.

Once you get the hang of using this type of snowmobile, they can be taken out for touring rides, though these shouldn’t be your first choice. That being said, we believe a hybrid snowmobile can provide you with a win-win situation and the best of both worlds.

Final words

Everything boils down to these few things. For starters, if you don’t have experience riding a snowmobile, and you are looking out for one to suit your recreational goals, go for a hybrid or the utility model. 

If long-distance and riding up the mountains excites you, go for touring or snowmobiles for mountains. For pulling cargo, it should strictly be a utility one.

Now, if you are experienced in riding and wish to take it up a notch, we recommend going for a performance model. Good luck with your purchase and let us know how it pans out.

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