How Many Calories Does Snowmobiling Burn?

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Does snowmobiling burn calories? Like any energy-consuming activity, snowmobiling will also help you burn calories. Of course, the amount of caloric loss will depend on various factors.

I, too, prefer snowmobiling over going to the gym to stay fit. Whenever I am out with my friends, we ride fast and often in the backcountry. The way you ride: your speed, the terrain you ride on, how aggressively you ride, and if you perform any stunts, all combine and affect the amount of calories you burn.

Apart from this, snowmobiling also helps you stay mentally alert and feel fresh while enjoying the snow and the mountains.

Read on to find out if snowmobiling burn calories and how much.

does snowmobiling burn calories

Does Snowmobiling Burn Calories?

Yes, snowmobiling burn calories. Your numbers will vary widely according to various factors- your own body and metabolism, the duration of your ride, how fast and rough you’re riding, and the terrains on which you ride. 

There has been research on snowmobiling and physical activity but they were performed on short test rides designed to represent a typical snowmobile ride in various locations. However, most people ride for several hours, which may cover a few hundred miles.

If you are an average snowmobiler, you can expect to burn approximately 300 calories an hour. However, due to the many differences, it is good to properly know the variables.

Factors that Affect How Many Calories Does Snowmobiling Burn


To state the obvious, the longer time you spend performing a physical activity, the more energy you spend. Especially with a more physically demanding activity like snowmobiling, the amount of time you spend riding drastically increases or decreases the calories you burn.

When I’m out riding with my wife, we usually like to go for about 3 to 4 hours with a short break or two in between and the calorie count on my fitness tracker usually hovers around 1000 to 1500 calories.


Snowmobiling on groomed and smooth terrains is easy and does not require much effort from you apart from the occasional steering and sitting or standing in position. You will not burn as many calories as you do not expel much in the form of physical energy.

If you’re looking to lose weight snowmobiling, I’d suggest you go out with some of your more adventurous and aggressive riding friends. Riding on rougher terrain like the backcountry is physically strenuous and requires more energy exertion. 

Rough terrains mean you are more prone to getting your snowmobile stuck and thus, the need to work on freeing your sled. Activities like lifting, pushing, and pulling your snowmobile, digging earth or snow, etc., all add up to help you burn more calories.

Speed and Aggressiveness

How many calories does snowmobiling burn

Your calorie expenditure will also increase with the increase in speed and level of aggressiveness. I can easily tell the difference in calories lost when I’m out riding with my friend vs. when I’m out with the family.

I like to take it slow and easy when I’m snowmobiling with my family as my kid is still young and new to it. At the end of the day, I am not too tired and still able to go out in the evenings.

The story drastically differs when I go out snowmobiling with some of my buddies. I burn many more calories as we take to rougher terrains and like to ride fast and be generally more aggressive and by the end of the day, I’m worn out.


Whether you ride sitting or standing will also play a part in the calories you burn. This does not add up to too much difference if you are on smoother trails but when you are shifting your weight forward and backward to balance yourself going uphill, your calorie count increases a considerable amount.

Mountain riding has aided in burning many more calories than groomed on-trail rides. Your position also largely ties into the terrain you’re snowmobiling on.

Final Words

burn calories quickly with snowmobiling

You can gain a lot by snowmobiling. Not only is it a fun activity to do with your friends and family, but also a beneficial one for your physical and mental health.

Yes, snowmobiling burn calories but it does so much more than that! You gain motor skills, you get to enjoy the best views, and spend time with your loved ones. Honestly, it might be one of my favorite ways of staying fit and ready.

I hope I have answered your questions – can snowmobiling burn calories?

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