Sorel Snowmobile Boots: Tried & Tested Sorel Boots

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The snowmobile boots are essential gear to the winter enthusiasts and adventurers as they keep the wet and cold out while snowboarding, skiing, or working through the heavy snow days and nights.

The Sorel Snowmobile boots are ranked the best snowmobile boots in the market in 2020 with their extra-ordinary features and modernized textile used in the construction of the boots overall boosting their performance in the snow.

In this article, we assembled the best Sorel snowmobile boots for men, women, and children available in the market along with all the features offered by the brand.

Best Sorel Snowmobile Boots in 2020

Women’s Joan of Artic Waterproof Insulated Winter Boot

The Women’s Joan artic winter boot is a one-piece construction made up of rubber that enhances the dependability of the product and augments the overall protection. The stylish and chic design of the boots has made them the best-seller in the market.

The boots are constructed using the full-grain leather with suede upper. The winter boots are water-proof as the upper portion of the boots is sealed to offer complete protection of the foot from snow and ice. The boots also feature a vulcanized rubber shell construction at the bottom of the boots that provides an exclusive look to the boots.

The insides of these winter boots consist of six millimeters of recycled felt inner boot insulation that provides warm and comfortable surroundings without compromising with the weight of the boots. The top portion of the boots features a faux fur cuff that augments the look of the boots along with obstructing the cold.

The outsole of the boot is made up of rubber herringbone that offers you with a sure-footed feel and improved traction in wet or icy conditions. The Joan of artic winter boots are the perfect choice for your everyday wear and also for the little adventures in the snow however they are quite bulky than expected.

Women’s Caribou Waterproof Boot for winter

Sorel Caribou winter boots are the combination of style and innovation with unmatched features making them the most popular boots in the market. These winter boots for women are crafted using the nubuck leather that is waterproof and features a seam-sealed construction for the complete protection of foot from ice and snow keeping your feet warm, dry, and relaxed.

The large aggressive D-rings with laces offer a secure and comfortable fit to the foot to keep them in place. The outsole of the winter boot is made up of handcrafted and vulcanized rubber shell that is waterproof and offers improved aero-traction for a better grip in the icy and snowy terrains.

The insides of the winter boot include a 9mm recycled felt inner boot to offer additional warmth. The inner boots can be easily washed in machines and have waterproof abilities. The midsole of the boot features a 2.5mm bonded felt frost plug to provide surplus insulation to the foot. The shaft of the boot measures about 9” from the arch of the boot.

The Sorel Caribou winter boots are the most practical and durable boots one can find in the market however they are mentioned as true to size still you may have ordered a size down.

Women’s Whistler Mid Boots

The whistler mid boot is made up of full-grain leather in the upper portion of the boots that are waterproof preventing the snow and ice from seeping into boots to keep them warm and dry all day long. The OutDry construction on the outer surface of the boots helps to keep them dry and comfortable the inside.

These boots feature a traditional lace closure system with laces made up of fabric to provide a secure and contented fit. The lovely needle punch unpretentious wool color of the boots adds softness to the look of these snowmobiling boots.

The insides of the snowmobile boots have 200gms of insulation offering a warm and comfortable environment for the foot. The genuine wool lining in the boots along with a removable genuine wool top cover molded EVA footbed for added comfort and warmth.

The outsole of the snowmobile boots is made up of molded rubber to offer excellent durability along with improved traction on icy and slippery surfaces. These snowmobiling boots are best suited to wear in the heavy snow conditions.

These winter boots are the most comfortable and warm boots one can find in the market for snowmobiling but the lace quality of the boots is quite degraded.

Women’s Tofino II Waterproof Insulated Winter Boot

The sleek and waterproof design of the boots makes it stand out in the market and has become one of the most favored Sorel Boots by women. These snowmobile boots are constructed with a canvas coated with waterproofing abilities and leather. The upper of the boots feature a faux leather to keep you dry, warm and optimizes the breathability of the boots.

The faux fur cuff feature on the collar of the snowmobile boots to keep out the snow and ice from entering into the boots and for additional warmth. The Deering lacing on the snowmobile boots provides a secure and protected fit to the foot.

The footbed of these snowmobile boots is designed with molded EBA that is removable and easily washed in the machines. The micro-fleece lining in these boots along with 100 grams of insulation provides a surplus amount of warmth and comfort to the feet. The outsole of these boots is made up of molded rubber features a slip-resistant tread and remains dry throughout your trek.

The Sorel Tofino winter boots are the best functional and practical boots in the market that do not compromise with your style however they are not as warm as one would expect.

Men’s 1964 Pac Nylon Snow Boot for winter

The 1964 Pac snowmobile boots are made in the USA using modern techniques and substantial on the traditional model design of Sorel. The upper of these snowmobile boots are crafted with waterproof nylon materials along with seamless waterproof construction. The insides of these boots feature a removable and washable 9mm reprocessed felt inner boot along with the Sherpa Pile snow cuff.

The snowmobile boots feature a lace-up closure system with aggressive D-rings for a secure and comfortable fit. The 2.5mm bonded felt frost plug in the midsole of the boot to enhance the insulation in the boot to keep your feet warm and cozy all day long.

The outsole of the snowmobile boots is made up of handcrafted and vulcanized herringbone rubber shell to improve traction and offer stability as well as steadiness to the feet on ice and slippery terrain. These winter boots are true to size and best suitable for everyday use as well as for your winter expeditions.

Men’s 1964 Premium T Snow Boot

The Men’s 1964 premium T snow boot is made up of full-grain waterproof leather in the upper portion of the boots along with seamless waterproof construction. This prevents the outer elements like snow and ice from entering into the boots keeping your warm and dry all day long.

The insides of the boots feature a 9mm removable and washable reprocessed felt inner boot for insulation inside the boots for enhanced warming of the boots. The midsole of the boots includes a 2.5mm bonded frost plug that helps to keep the wetness and coldness away providing a comfortable environment for the feet in the boots.

The outsole of the boots is made up of handcrafted vulcanized herringbone rubber shell for improved traction and steadiness on icy and slippery terrain. The Sorel Premium 1964 T snowmobile boots are the best working boots one can find in the market.

Youth Flurry winter snow boots

The Flurry winter boots are specially designed for kids and youth with a remarkable modern outlook and style. The upper of these Sorel boots for snowmobiling is crafted using the waterproof as well as wind-resistant polyurethane-coated synthetic textile for impressive durability and protection against the snow and ice.

The seamless construction allows your feet to stay warm, dry, and comfortable in all weather conditions. The built-in gaiter with barrel lock closure system of these boots is customizable along with a hook and loop strap system around the ankle of the boot for a secured and sturdy fit. These snowmobile boots feature a removable and washable recycled 6mm felt inner boot for additional warmth and luxury.

The midsole of the boots contains a 2.5mm frost felt plug to increase the insulation in the boots. The thermal rubber shell used in the manufacture of the outsole of the boots improves the traction and steadiness along with the grip of the boots on the icy and slippery terrains.

The Sorel Flurry winter boots are the best Sorel boots one can find in the market for kids or youth for their everyday adventures in the winter providing them with the perfect fit and dry feet all along the day in snow and ice.

Final Words

We hope this article helps you find your perfect fit Sorel snowmobile boot that does not slow down your enthusiasm and hard work in the snow.

Also, while reliable gears are crucial for snowmobiling, please make sure that you take all the necessary safety measures before you embark on your adventure.

Safe snowmobiling!

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