How to Tow a Dead Snowmobile: Everything You Want to Know

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When you go snowmobiling, different things can happen like having a dead snowmobile.

It is essential to have a properly equipped tow vehicle that is capable of hauling a combined load of your sled. It is equally important to know how everything works for safe and proper towing.

To double-check and visually inspect the condition of your tow vehicle, hand check if the rim nuts are tight before leaving so you do not lose a tire or damage a rim en route.

A broken-down snowmobile can ruin the ride and fun of everybody. Hence it is very much necessary to know the right things required to tow a snowmobile and also a method of towing a snowmobile for your safety.

Things you Need to Tow a Snowmobile

things needed to tow snowmobile

SnoBunje ‘Rattler’

The rattler is a snowmobile accessory that uses a solid stretch cord bundled in a corrugated vinyl tube. It has a hook on one end that is attached to the ski of the stuck sled and a handle on the other end. It also maximizes the pulling forces which your body can produce while pulling out a stuck sled.

This strong elastic stretch cord gives you a pulling distance up to four times the distance you can pull by hand. It utilizes leg strength and bodyweight fully when pulling on a stuck snowmobile. It also allows a pulling distance four times the distance you can draw by hand.

SnoBunje ‘Cobra’

Using Snobunje ‘COBRA’ can create 300 pounds of pulling force. This can be applied over a 5′ distance. The extended pulling force these tools can produce will allow the track to regain its grip on the snow and also move the stuck sled. The cobra will produce more pulling power than any non-stretch style of strap.

Cobra Strap

This 15” strap is sewn into a large and small loop and used as a hitch to attach Snobunje pulling tools to a sled. It is also useful as a wrist strap while lifting the back of a sled or tying down ATVs and snowmobiles.

Slicktape Retrieval Line

This is a slick way to use the Snobunje Cobra and Rattler. Use this 20′ long retrieval line to reach the stuck sled, and give you the room to use Snobunje Cobra and Rattler pulling tools properly.

This super lightweight and super durable 20-foot towline has a 2500 pound tensile strength that fits in the palm of your hand and also stores in a small nylon bag.

Tow Rope or Tow Strap

A traditional tow strap is an essential piece of recovery gear made to help pull another snowmobile, usually when the other snowmobile is stuck in some manner and is required to be moved or released from its resting place. The stuck snowmobile could be in snow or ice. In this case, you just want to attach a strap to both the vehicles, your snowmobile, and the stuck snowmobile, and pull it loose.

How to Tow a Snowmobile

Towing a Dead Snowmobile

Attach a safety flag and the reflectors to the sides and rear of the disabled snowmobile

Now remove the attached customary drive belt and ensure the track turns freely and the brake works.

Tie the tow rope to one of the bases of your ski spindle of the disabled snowmobile.

Circle it through the rear bumper of the tow vehicle. Now tie the other end to the other ski spindle of the disabled snowmobile.

If the ski spindles are not easily reached, tie the tow rope to the front bumper.

Place a rider on the disabled snowmobile to steer it and work on the brake,

To begin with towing, slowly move forward to take up the slack in the tow rope.

Now continue moving at a slow speed.

Make gentle stops.

The safest way to tow is by using a rigid tow bar as it prevents the towed sled from crashing into you if you stop suddenly. It also controls the towed sled without an extra rider.

Final Words

Snowmobiling can be an exhilarating experience and also a fun pastime for the winter season, but this can also be very dangerous if proper precautions are not taken. Carry all the required towing accessories and essential tool kit with you while you go on an adventurous activity so that you have no worries about the search for any accessories to tow your snowmobile.

I hope you have noted down all the necessary accessories required for towing and also the steps to tow your snowmobile. Also, read these important safety tips for snowmobiling before you go out and have a gala time. Stay safe, and have an adventurous journey!

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