Best Snowmobile Trailer Light Kits in 2020: With Review

While you are towing an enclosed snowmobile trailer, it is necessary to have functioning lights to ensure safe and legal towing. When was the last time you thought about the trailer lights? You probably can’t remember, right?

These essential but often neglected pieces of equipment are always mandatory during the trip. If you are going to tow a snowmobile, you need the trailer lights up and running. Trailer lights are always necessary for safe towing. Having a trailer light kit is a great idea during your trip. Let us now know a few best snowmobile trailer light kits that you may blindly pick as the first option.

Comparison of Top-Rated Trailer Light Kits

ProductOur RatingCurrent Price
Linkitom LED Trailer Light Kit9.9/10Check Price
iBrightstar Waterproof Trailer Lights kit9.8/10Check Price
CZC AUTO Trailer Light Kit9.7/10Check Price
CZC AUTO Submersible Light Kit9.5/10Check Price
Linkitom Submersible Trailer Light Kit9.4/10Check Price

Best Snowmobile Trailer Light Kits

Best snowmobile trailer lights

Linkitom Submersible LED Trailer Light Kit

This kit has everything you need which includes the two stop turn signals LED marker lights, a 22 feet and a 4 feet wiring harness, two amber clearance lights, 4pcs complimentary reflective sticker, license plate bracket.

This trailer light kit is widely applicable to an 80-inch width tractor. Ensure the wire connects properly and there is no electronic short while in the water.

This 25 feet wiring harness is more durable than the traditional copper-coated aluminum wires. It is a split Y-style color-coded harness. These trailer lights are fully operable in inclement weather and are tough and durable for the long term.

There is no screws available on the lampshade. The LED lights are welded together completely. The circuit board of the tail light is a seal. A drain hole is made to pull the water out. It is guaranteed that the water will not damage the circuit board. Making it tight enough ensures it to be waterproof and submersible. Ensure to install the trailer taillights with drain hole downwards.

Linkitom Trailer light kits are the best ones in the market today. These are tough and durable for the long-term. This trailer kit is suitable for trucks, ships, trailers, caravans, buses, ships, snowmobiles, etc.

These snowmobile trailer kits are no screw on the lampshade, the LED trailer lights are completely welded together and the excellent tightness is definitely waterproof and submersible.

IP68 Waterproof Square Trailer Lights Kit

This trailer lighting is super bright on the snowmobile. It features 19 Diodes function on Left- 12 Red + 3 Red + 4 White, LED combination stop turn tail side marker light w/reflector with the license illuminator. Function on right includes 15 Diodes- 12 Red + 3 Red LED combination stop turn side marker light w/reflector along with the Curbside working voltage.

It is a set of 2packs and has high brightness diodes LED combination with better heat distribution designed for the 12v system. The ultrasonic welding technology will prevent any bad weather and dives with a longer life span while you achieve IP68 waterproof.

It has a big difference between high and low light brightness and is also easy to install. This Brightstar trailer lights also turn signals and has side marker lights too.

The LED lights in this trailer light kit are truly submersible. While installing, the left light has a downward-facing white light to illuminate the license plate. Having LED lights will no longer be an issue if you are tired of blowing bulbs in the old lights.

CZC Auto 12V Mount Combination Trailer Light Kit

While compared with the other trailer light kits, the CZC Auto Snowmobile light kits are a little slimmer and have got its design with broader appeal. The left tail light has 19 LEDs, 12 rear-facing large LEDs, 4 SMD led-on side marker and 3 white LEDs facing down for license plate illumination.

Each kit has got assembly and operating instructions for easy installation. You just need to remove lens mounting screws to replace bulbs. It complies with DOT standards.

Based on the reviews, a few customers strongly agree that the trailer light kit is easy to carry to the water’s edge and also launch them without a trailer. The left tail light draws about 010 amps and the right 007 amps. With the price of the CZC Snowmobile Trailer Light Kit, the customers believe that they got a steal of a deal with it.

Thi trailer light kit includes 2 combination stop, turn signal lights, tail, two ambers led marker lights, 25-ft wiring harness, mounting hardware bag, and license plate bracket. With more than a thousand buyers and having the best rating, these CZC Auto Snowmobile trailer light kits stand as the best choice.

CZC AUTO 12V LED Submersible Trailer Tail Light Kit

This trailer kit includes 2 combination stop/turn signal/ tail/side marker lights, mounting hardware bag, 25-ft wiring harness and aluminum license plate bracket instead of the plastic license plate for more sturdy.

The left side light has 23 diodes- 12 diodes at the front, 6 diodes on the side and 5 white diodes facing down for license plate illumination. The right side light has 16 diodes- 12 diodes at the front and 6 on the side.

All of these are LED and not the bulb. It has super-high visibility and longer lifetime LED usage guarantee. This light also works great in the water and hence is surely waterproof and submersible.

Ensure the wires connect correctly and there is no electronic shock while in water in any case as such. Almost all buyers say that this trailer light is less expensive and can be installed within half an hour’s timeframe.

The look and feel of this trailer light kit are consistent with high-quality. This trailer lights come with everything required to install and user instructions, easy to install following directions, etc.

Linkitom Submersible LED Trailer Light Kit

This is widely applicable to the 80-inch width tractor, snowmobile, etc. The Led boat trailer light kits include two-stop turn signals LED marker lights, one 22 feet, and one 4 feet wiring harness, two amber clearance lights, 4pcs complimentary reflective sticker, and license plate bracket.

The LED lights are welded together completely and there are no screws on the lampshade. A drain hole is designed to pull the water out and the circuit board of tail light is sealed.

The 25 feet wiring harness is durable than the traditional copper-coated aluminum wires and also the split Y-style color-coded harness. These trailer lights are tough and durable for the long term and are fully operable in inclement weather.

The circuit of the taillight is completely waterproof and this is to guarantee the water will not damage any diodes or the circuit board. It is very easy to install and most of the buyers found this product a great one!

How to Choose Trailer Light Kits

How to choose snowmobile trailer lights

Type of Light

This is one of the biggest concerns when you purchase a snowmobile trailer light kit. Small-sized snowmobiles will not need lights on both sides of the towing vehicle. Whereas, a bigger sized snowmobile needs lights on both the sides and also three red identification lights at the end part of the trailer.


Installation is another important factor to consider while purchasing the trailer snowmobile lights. If the lighting kit needs additional hardware to install it or has a complex wiring system and requires an expert installer, then these things have to be considered.

Waterproof Lights

The lighting kit you plan to purchase needs to have excellent waterproofing features such as tightly sealed LED lights to lessen the incident of water intrusion or moisture development. Always purchase lighting kits that are waterproof.


The wiring length available in a lighting kit has to be enough to completely wire the entire trailer. If the kit has insufficient wiring, it would be a problem for anybody towing a snowmobile. In this case, you will again need to purchase additional wiring for installation before you end up on the snow.

How to Install Trailer Lights

Final Words

Trailer lights come in various shapes, types and lighting performance. The above are a few best snowmobile trailer light kits mentioned. If you are still not sure which among the above products reviewed is the right one for you, pay close attention to every detail on each brand mentioned.

However, with the difference in its features, it is important to be careful while choosing the best trailer lights for your snowmobile. By the time you finish reading this post, we are sure you have made a wise selection of brands and the type of snowmobile trailer lighting kit that matches your budget and needs.

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