Best Snowmobile Tunnel Racks for Any Type Snowmobile

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Planning to go out sledding? Are your snowmobile jackets and pants full of accessories? Even after having ample storage space and numerous pockets, you feel like you have a lesser space right? This is when the snowmobile tunnel racks help you!

This tunnel rack for snowmobiles allows you to carry fuel or the bag securely on the back of your sled. Some serious adventures like backcountry snowmobile demand a tunnel rack for your belongings as even with a clearly laid out plan, you are never very sure where your quest will lead to. Let us now know a few best snowmobile tunnel racks and their features.

Best Snowmobile Tunnel Racks

American Trails Bushwhacker Snowmobile Tunnel Rack Pack

American Trails take care of your snowmobile storage concerns with the water-resistant sturdy cube-shaped tunnel bag. This always makes sure to hold its shape with or without items inside. As such, this makes it great for packing and for aesthetics too.

This is designed with a closed-up cell foam inside which is half-inch thick to handle any shocks and impacts your stuff may be exposed to. Hence, if you have any fragile items you need to carry to your venture, then this is the best bet.

Impressive features include a zipper that can be pulled from both sides, operable with gloves on. The four straps are functional to fasten your bag on the sled with convenient buckle closure.

The product has 12”x9” X9” dimensions, you will have ample space for all your belongings. Overall, this rack comes with the best quality and well thought out build. This product is been the highest purchase online due to the best quality at a reasonable price and also the best rating provided.

Skinz Protective Gear Universal Tunnel Rack UTR100-AL

This tunnel rack is designed to fit most snowmobile models and will also fit the customized tunnels. It is constructed from lightweight polished aluminum. The rack has dimensions of 14.7X14.6X3.3 inches.

This rack displays style that will definitely look stunning on your snowmobile. The design of the rack is not only stylish but is also functional for sledding and is a plus for the high-speed rider.

The rack offers two distinct materials and styles-poly of polished aluminum. It provides a cost-effective way to obtain a quality tunnel rack. They are lightweight and durable, made from HMW polyethylene.

The poly kits will be offered in your choice of black and white. These aluminum racks provide a universal fit and are customizable to fit any unique tunnels. Solve your tunnel needs with the tunnel racks from Skinz Protective Gear.

This rack is the perfect choice if you are looking to secure your luggage in place all through your adventure. Overall, this is the best tunnel rack one can plan to purchase. You shall never regret it once you start to use the product.

Frankensled- Two Pack Tunnel Rack

These two-pack tunnel racks are designed considering into mind its functions first and the good looks second. These racks are CNC cut from 1/8” aluminum and are de-burred, primed, acidly etched, and also powder coated.

These racks are universally mounted by 6 carriage bolts. Installation on a new snowmobile includes sliding the carriage bolts into the tunnel track, while the other sled installations need drilling 6 holes and tightening up the supplied hardware.

Here, all hardware and drill bits are included and the only tools required for installation are the drill and a 7/16” wrench. The installation time is about 15 minutes. The rack measures 11.2” long and 15.5” wide.

The 7/16” aluminum rods are attached at the sides in order to create a platform that can hold 4- 1¼ gallon gas cans, 2 gas cans, 1 dry bag, and 2 mountain dry bags. These racks are designed to accommodate standard 1” webbing or standard tarp straps to secure other brands of gear to the rack.

These racks will keep your gear off the tunnel by allowing the sleds heat exchanger to dissipate unwanted engine heat through the top of the tunnel and keep your sled’s tunnel look new!

Frankensled tunnel rack has been purchased by most of the snowmobilers and all of them have given the best rating due to its functions. Frankensled, once used, you can never imagine purchasing any other tunnel rack ever as it is a great product at a reasonable price.

Final Words

best tunnel racks for snowmobiles

The ultimate factor you will be checking out for in tunnel rack is its functions first and other comforts, style, and convenience functions next. Ultimately, you will need a tunnel rack that will stay for years with aggressive use for its rough rides on the mountains which may not forgive the poor quality material.

The above are the three best snowmobile tunnel racks mentioned. I hope you will take the above features into consideration while purchasing the product. Purchase a high-quality product and stay safe!

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