Uses Of Snowmobile Dollies: Should You Buy One?

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Snowmobile dollies are flat sturdy platforms made on wheels, usually, there are four wheels on four corners of the platform. They are not very large and come usually in 3 pieces where 2 pieces are meant for the skis and the other is for the track. If you have a snowmobile then the need for snowmobile dollies is also there.

In this article, we tried to list the importance of having a snowmobile dolly around the corner of your garage.

Uses Of Snowmobile Dollies

uses of snowmobile dollies


The most important function of the dolly is to provide proper storage for the Snowmobiles. Once you loft the sled on the dolly off the ground with relative ease you can move it around your garage. This is convenient because this will clear up space, keep your sled out of the way, and also it will be easier when you clean your garage.


Along with easy storage, dolls provide safety to your snowmobiles too. Keeping the track and the skis off the ground ensures your sled is not subjected to dirt on the ground.

Proper Care

Being strapped to dollies makes it easier for you to be able to clean your snowmobile without much hassle.

Easier to Handle

Compared to other storage equipment like snowmobile lifts and snowmobile stands, dollies are much easier to handle because of their size and assemblage.

Are Dollies Better Than Snowmobile Lifts?

Snowmobile lifts are generally heavy-weight types of equipment that occupy their place in your garage and that in a way makes storage a bit inconvenient. 

Whereas dollies, although pretty easy to handle, do not always offer the best services. Firstly it requires a huge amount of strength to get your sled on a dolly. And secondly after putting it on there is always a risk of it rolling away. So you need to be careful about that too.

Final Words

So it’s not about which is better unless you have tried both dollies and lifts.

The best results could be by using both in a way like lifting the snowmobile by the lift and placing it on the dolly. Then you can tuck away the lift and move the sled with the help of the dollies.

Hope this article was helpful!

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