How to Wash Snowmobile Jacket at Home

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With the proper knowledge of how to wash snowmobile jacket, you can give the best care to your jacket at home without having to go to the laundry every time it gets dirty.

Your snowmobile jacket, after a certain amount of use, will start to need a deep and proper wash. A dirty jacket will start to feel uncomfortable, humid, less warm, and start to smell. Washing a snowmobile jacket is not impossible or hard.

It is, however, paramount that you take the best steps and precautions to not cause any harm to your gear. After all, these are expensive and you want them to be in their best shape at all times.

Is Washing Snowmobile Jackets Really Necessary?

is it necessary to wash snowmobile jackets

Your snowmobile jacket is bound to accumulate dirt, grit, and built-up sweat with all the winter activities outdoor. A dirty jacket will compromise your jacket’s best qualities as well as how it looks and feels.

The feeling of a newly and properly cleaned snowmobile jacket is incomparable. After going through thick and thin with you on your adventures, giving it the proper and well-deserved maintenance is a reward to both you and your snowmobile jacket.

And there is the problem of grease stains. These are to be expected when you are near a machine. These stains can become nasty and spot your snowmobile jacket permanently if not properly cleaned immediately.

You don’t want something you are in long contact with and sweating in to be a nasty germ pot! You must revive the insulation, waterproofing, and quality of your jacket from time to time.

How To Wash Snowmobile Jacket?

washing snowmobile jackets

The first step to the safe and best cleaning of snowmobile jacket is reading the manufacturer’s care instructions. Different products have different requirements and it is primary to always check out warnings to avoid accidental damage to your snowmobile jacket.

These instructions also have the best method of washing a snowmobile jacket and allow you to know if you can use a washing machine and what type of detergent to avoid. The instructions will also give you information on how to properly dry your snowmobile jacket.

Prepare all the things you will need during this process, i.e., front-load washing machine (if allowed), mild detergent or specialized detergent for snowmobile gear, tumble dryer, and lukewarm water.

Before you begin, make sure to dust off any excess and loose dirt and debris and ensure all zippers, flaps, and strings are closed and properly tucked away to avoid chaffing or getting caught during the wash. These loose parts are especially risky when using a washing machine.

A front load is gentler on your jacket and is the recommended type of washing machine. Add mild detergent or detergent for snowmobile gear and wash your jacket at medium speed. You don’t want to be using hot water with your jacket. This step is for those jackets that can be washed in the washing machine.

If your care instructions warn against the use of a washing machine, you can use a tub to gently wash snowmobile jackets with your hands.

Rinse your jacket thoroughly after. You don’t want any remaining sud or soap irritating your skin later on when you wear it.

Tumble dry your jacket with less heat or allow it to air dry away from direct heat. I mostly just use a tumble dryer to speed up the process and I also feel like this step helps fluff up my hacket again. Adding tennis balls helps fluff up the insulation again and feel brand new.

Be careful with the heat, it can damage the water-repellant coating of your snowmobile. Another important step is to make sure your snowmobile jacket is properly dried before you store it away or wear it again.

Note: If you want to remove a particular grassy stain you can use the waterless hand wash on it, with a gentle application of course.

Final Words

Keeping in mind the proper precautions when cleaning will save you from ruining your best jacket for snowmobiling. Most snowmobile jackets do not bode well with dry cleaning, so avoid that. You should never iron your snowmobile jacket, just don’t do it, doesn’t matter what is the brand of your jacket.

To keep your snowmobile jacket clean and new, I would recommend you wash it at least twice a year if you are not a regular snowmobiler. Your style of riding, the mount you ride, and your additional activities will change the frequency needed to wash snowmobile jackets.

Keeping all these in mind, you should be good with the proper washing and maintenance of your snowmobile jacket.

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