Weight Capacity of Snowmobile Ramps: Complete Details Here

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If you are new to purchasing sled ramps, you might be confused about what kind of ramp is best for your sled.

Would your sled even fit on that ramp?

Well, in this article, we have tried to answer some of your questions about the weight capacity of snowmobile ramps.

weight capacity of snowmobile ramps

What Are Snowmobile Ramps? What Is the Weight Capacity of Snowmobile Ramps?

Snowmobile Ramps are inclined planes that help you store, maintain, and clean your precious sleds.

These Ramps can be purchased from markets from popular brands like Black Ice or Caliber, etc.; you can also try to create your snowmobile ramp by using plywood, snowmobile trails, and bed liners.

Usually, these ramps are of length of about 10 inches and width of about 50-54″. They offer ample space for snowmobiles of all sizes and shapes. These ramps often weigh around 60-70 lbs.

average sled ramp weight capacity

Some snowmobile ramps offer extensions that help more effortlessly glide up the sleds. Snowmobile ramps can often be available with folded structures that help more accessible storage and movement. 

The average weight capacity of a snowmobile ramp is 1500 lbs. The average weight of a snowmobile is around 500 pounds to 900 pounds.

The weight capacity of snowmobile ramps might vary depending on the material used, tracks, engine size, seating, and fuel capacity. So the ramps that tend to carry 1500 lbs are enough.

weight of snowmobile ramps

Final Words

In conclusion, we would like to point out that the average weight capacity of a snowmobile ramp is 1500 lbs which is pretty enough for even the most heavy-duty snowmobile out there.

So, when buying a snowmobile loading ramp, make sure your ramp should have at least 1500 lbs of weight capacity.

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